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Memphis man finds toddler walking alone at 3 a.m.

A Memphis man found a 2-year-old walking down the street at 3 a.m. on Monday.  Soloman Jones posted his findings on Facebook.

“We knew she was scared because she was walking and crying,” said Soloman.

Soloman and his friend walked around the neighborhood looking for the little girl’s parents but they could not locate them and the little girl was too young to tell them where she lived.

Soloman called the police and the police were able to find her family, who thanked Soloman for finding her.

Soloman Jones (Facebook)

Soloman posted on Facebook that many are mad he was mad in the video about finding the little girl alone, and stated, “forgive me for any harsh remarks I made jus was in my feelings for finding a kid walking.”  Nothing to forgive, Soloman.  Glad you were there.

There is no word on how the little girl got out of the house.

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