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Body of missing woman found on Texas property

A forensic team searched the property of a West Kerr, Texas man after a missing person’s report lead them to his property.  Kerr County Sheriff’s Office has arrested Eric Daniel Auld, 36 for murder.  Megan King, 26, from San Antonio was last known to be at that address at 5600 Auld Ranch that has 5600 acres.  auld

A search warrant allowed the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office to search Auld’s property and they found King’s vehicle loaded on a trailer on the property.


After an extensive search King’s remains were found.  Sheriff Hierholzer stated that Auld had burned the body.

“Unfortunately when somebody’s body has been burned for days and days, and buried in brush piles on it, it gets very difficult and you have to have the help of anthropologist with sifting and finding very minute pieces,” says Hierholzer.

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