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Social media tries to help identify young woman in Italy-Identity made by Dad

Please note that this viral story about a mystery Italy woman originated from Missing Persons of America that received a message from Italy asking for help to identify this young woman who was homeless in the streets.  

Mystery Italy Woman not Madeleine McCann but Embla Jauhojarvi

Also, note that this post is written with the most recent information on top.  Go to the bottom of the post and start at the “Original story” to read the first entry, then go to the subsequent dated updates above that to read in order.  That way you will be able to follow this story as it unwound.  Plus, after the mystery Italy woman was discovered I continued to communicate with her dad and wrote another story about that outcome.  You might like to read:  No Happy Ending for Mystery Italy Girl Embla Jauhojarvi

UPDATE December 2017: Embla’s father, Tahvo has stated that Embla has returned to Sweden and is now living with the family.

UPDATE 11/24/16 – The Daily Mail reported today that Embla is in the hospital.   Embla’s father, Tahvo was seen going through the streets of Rome yesterday, thanking the people who helped his daughter over the last 6 months. There was not explanation why Embla is in the hospital, but I am sure the Italian authorities decided it was the best for her.  We hope that she gets the care that she needs, and has a full recovery.

UPDATE 11/23/16 – Tahvo notified me yesterday that he would be arriving in Italy on Wednesday morning, and he did.  I have not heard from Tahvo today, but according to the Daily Mail, Social services in Italy were with Embla Jauhojarvi when Tahvo showed up, along with Embla’s mother, at the Swedish Embassy in Rome.  Sadly, Embla Jauhojarvi did not want to go with them, and wanted to return to the streets.   Tahvo very much wants Embla to come back with them to Sweden, but unless she is willing to do so, he cannot make her as she is an adult.  Just like the US, Embla is over 18 and can decide for herself what she wants to do.  If she does not want to be with her parents and wants to stay in Italy and live on the streets she can do that.

Father identified mystery Italy woman

I woke up this morning with a message from the father of the missing young woman.  Tahvo Jauhojarvi tells me that this is his daughter Embla Jauhojarvi has been missing for six months and they are from Sweden. Tahvo said he has contacted the Swedish police and Interpol. I was waiting for confirmation and to speak further with Tahvo, but the Daily Mail said they spoke Exclusively with Tahvo.

Embla Jauhojarvi left her home in Sweden to go and study Italian in Italy.  Somewhere along the line she ended up homeless and in desperate straights, according to the Daily Mail.

Embla Jauhojarvi  family photo

This has to be one of the most amazing cases because of how one woman in Rome, Lorena Kollobani, send a photo and request to Missing Persons of America in San Diego, California to help a mystery Italy woman, and from there it joined people together internationally as everyone tried to find shelter and help for this young woman.

Although the young woman did not turn out to be Madeleine McCann or Amanda Adlai or any of the many other missing girls, please know that attention has been brought to these cases and have reached many other countries that they have not been reached before.

Article by the Daily Mail.

UPDATE 11/21/16 – Per MPofA friend Nigel Graham wrote, “Hi it’s not denise pipatone her family contacted me this morning here is what they said: Abbiamo visionato l’immagine della ragazza, ma non è Denise, troppo diversa nel colore degli occhi e la fisionomia del viso. Grazie per l’attenzione.”

Article by the Sun

Another possible match at this link.

No mark on eye of mystery Italy woman

UPDATE 11/20/16 – I am reading now that the Italian police are saying that this young woman does have a mark on her pupil. WHERE THIS INFO CAME FROM HAS PROVEN TO BE UNFOUNDED!!!!  I have no verification on that at this writing.   I did not see one in the photo.  So, that you can look for yourself I am posting the largest close up photo I have for you to decide, below.



UPDATE 11/20/16 – Tiffany wrote MPofA to let us know she found a photo and thinks it may be the girl from Italy.  Amanda Adlai went missing from Michigan in Dec. 2008.  She was taken by her father and they may have traveled to Russia.


Mystery Italy woman taken to police station

UPDATE 11/19/16 – A volunteer in Rome Italy was able to take the young woman to the police department where they were able to fingerprint her and take photos, per Houstons Voices for the Missing.  She gave the police different names.  She did originally say her name was Maria, but now with her giving the police several different names, it is unknown if Maria is her actual name.  The mystery Italy girl is responding to English, has light eyes and is about 5 feet tall.


Leela McDougall aka Gary Feldman has been submitted as another possibility.  Leela went missing from Australia with her mother and father, who was a known cult leader. Read more here.

This case has now appeared on the Italy TV show Chi l’ha Visto.

More photos of Maria have been taken:

UPDATE: According to the italian Journalist the Italian police attempted to i.d. the girl but she wouldn’t communicate with them and had no passport, i.d. or anything else with a name on it. One of the locals said the girl did said her name was possible “Maria”. She has no belongings and is has been wearing the same clothes for weeks. She is wearing a long tan skirt, rain jacket and black male tennis shoes that were described as “sporty and possible” This girl appears to have straight teen and no visible cavities…. the journalist claims the girl will not speak to her but did obtain the video i posted a link to above. The girl is sleeping in a garden in someones yard. They said there js a local homeless shelter but the girl doesn’t go there at night. Locals have offered to allow her to show and she refuses. If you see a child you feel it could be then please send their families message.

UPDATE 11/18/16 – Another Facebook page from the UK believes that the Italy girl may be Maria-Brigitte Henselmann that has been missing since 2013 when she was 13-years-old.


German-speaking person translates article

Also a German-speaking person on Reddit was able to translate the article about Maria that stated:  “Heeere comes the German native speaker. I only read through the first article, but here goes:  She met a 40 year older man on the internet and ran away with him in 2013, when she was 13 years old. Her mother established a website as well as twitter and facebook accounts to look for her. There is an international police search for the man because of kidnapping and sexual exploitation.  The girl is still a minor and it is unclear wether she is still with him on her own accord. Both have been seen in Poland in the summer of 2013 where the man sold his car and dog. Nothing confirmed after that. I will look through the other two articles and see if there’s anything worth mentioning.

Second article about Mystery Italy woman

The second article mentions that two half sisters of Maria talked to the media.  They claimed that she had been severely abused by her mom.  Basically she had no other choice than to take off. The mother herself is all over social media and tv looking for her kid.  She paints a picture of a very happy, sheltered child, so there seems to be something fishy there. This would also explain why Maria might not try to get home if the relationship failed: ” “A short time before Maria disappeared, she said she wanted to get away from Monika [the mother].  We asked her where she wanted to go and she said, just get away, living on the streets”, said her half-sister.”

UPDATE 11/16/16 – She said that her name is Maria and may be Ukraine.

UPDATE:  11/15/16

Credit Lorena Kollobani

There have been several people who think it may be Madeline McCann who would be 13 now.  Madeline had a distinctive mark on her eye and it would be easy to tell if it was her by that identification.


UPDATE:  11/12/16 – Lorena has posted: “News. From now and after ”le Iene ” are going to take care of this case. Hope that those painfull eyes can smile again. Hugs to everyone.”  I’ll keep checking on the case and let you know what is found out.

Who is this mystery Italy woman?

Original story

This story went viral after Lorena Kollobani from Italy wrote to MPofA on Facebook regarding the photo above that she also posted: “Hi. I dont know if she is even american. I’ve seen her in Rome streets. She sleeps outside and has mental problems i think. But looks she hasnt done this kinde of life before because she doesnt accept money and she is very careful an well behaved while eats. I think she is a foreign student because she doesnt know any italian. If somebody know her please write.”

Since then the post is being shared as everyone tries to figure out who this young woman may be.  The fact that someone could be abducted in America and end up in Italy seems so impossible, but with the sex rings and cover ups we may not even know how much this is really going on.  Besides, whoever this young girl is, American or another nationality she is in desperate need and we can only hope she gets help.

Lorena said, “she doesn’t accept nothing. I always see her alone but just these 3 weeks. Before I never saw her around Rome center…The only things she says are no grazie si grazie thats it”

Sky Budnick

Is she Sky Rudnick?

Davida Oneal posted, “Looks like Sky Budnick missing since 2008 after taking one way to Japan.”

Right now Jo Ann Lowitzer is trying to get help to see if it might be her daughter, Ali Lowitzer.  Jo Ann told me she needs to “look in her eyes” to tell if it is Ali or not.

Ali Lowitzer

Lorena posted, “So I  called her Ali today she walked away not even an emotion in face couldn’t see even the eyes.”

The photo has been sent to Interpol and a TV show in Italy called Chi l’ha vista, that specializes in finding missing people. Appeared on Chil l’ha vista on Saturday, Nov. 19.

Hopefully, soon we will have an answer who this young girl might be in the photo above.

Thank you Bill

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  1. if it is Maria, she might have been brain washed by this man who pretented to by a Young Boy. This man only disclosed his age at the very first Meeting. And Show me a Family where there ar no Problems. And the mother and father have split up and the children have withdrawn their Statement on abusive behaviour in the Family. A Young Girl can be so ashamed that she does not want to get home and fears she will not be wanted

  2. You can immediately see it’s not Maddie (she has a more delicate face) and it’s not the other 2 girls either. But she has some resemblence with the little girl in the photo.
    Or maybe she is just a normal homeless woman who decided to live on the street.

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