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Do you know who Peaches is?

Peaches Doe

UPDATE:   DNA evidence confirmed partial skeletal remains found in the brush near Zach’s Bay at Jones Beach State Park in 2011 belong to an unidentified woman whose torso was found in Hempstead Lake State Park in 1997, reports the Long Island Press. Also, Jane Doe No. 3 was determined to the the mother of Baby Doe whose remains were found on Cedar Beach on April 4, 2011.  In other words, Peaches is Baby Doe’s mother.  Peaches’ skull has yet to be found.

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Original story:  Peaches, also known as “Girl with the Peach Tattoo” is a Jane Doe whose torso was discovered by a hiker on June 28, 1997 in Lakeview, New York, near Hempstead Lake State Park.

The torso was found in a Rubbermaid container with a red towel and a floral pillowcase.  The rest of her body has yet to be found.

The police posted a photo of her tattoo in hopes of finding who did it and Steven Cullen believes he was the one reports The Bristol Press.

He remembers her as a black female around 18-19 years old who was with her aunt and a cousin.  She told him she was from Bronx or Long Island as best he can remember, and she was in Connecticut because she had split with her boyfriend.  He believes she also had tattoos on her arms and lower legs and that may be why only her torso has been found.

Peaches had a surgical scar on her abdomen and her tattoo was located on her “left upper chest- small approx 2×1 inch multi-colored tattoo with orange-green-blue colors resembling shape of a peach with small green leaves on upper part and tiny droplets drawn at lower margin of tattoo.”

Peaches’ murder may be related to the Long Island serial killer investigation, though police have not revealed much information. for more info.

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