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Day: November 18, 2016

Mother and baby missing from Arkansas, authorities asks for public help

UPDATE 2/2017 –  Remains were found by a deer hunter off Lookout Tower Road. Crews searched the area and found the second body in the same area, reports KATV News. The Benton County Sheriff’s Office says the remains were identified as Carol Elaine Davidson, and the other body is Rosemary. Carol Davidson died from drug overdose and possible […]

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Week old baby missing from Wichita after mother found murdered FOUND

11/24/16 – More information on this story has come out.  Yesenia Sesmas, 34, of Dallas, Texas was arrested and charged with killing Laura Abaca-Nogueda, 27, Sophia’s mother said the Wichita Police Lt. Todd Ojile.  It was found that Sesmas had been faking a pregnancy.  She traveled to Kansas and killed Laura and then took her […]

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