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Week old baby missing from Wichita after mother found murdered FOUND

11/24/16 – More information on this story has come out.  Yesenia Sesmas, 34, of Dallas, Texas was arrested and charged with killing Laura Abaca-Nogueda, 27, Sophia’s mother said the Wichita Police Lt. Todd Ojile.  It was found that Sesmas had been faking a pregnancy.  She traveled to Kansas and killed Laura and then took her baby.

11/19/16 -Sophia has been found safe in Dallas.  A search warrant led the police to a house in Dallas where two people were arrested after finding Sophia there.  Evidently, the suspects knew Sophia’s family.

Original story:  Authorities are searching for a six-day-old Kansas baby that is missing after her mother was found murdered, reports the Wichita Eagle.

Sofia Victoria Gonzalez Abarca could be in danger as they continue to work to track down leads.

Sofia’s mother was found fatally shot Thursday afternoon in the 200 block of North Brunswick in west Wichita by her boyfriend.


The baby’s father has been notified and he is not considered a person of interest by the police.

Police were also searching for a purple Cadillac with Kansas tag no. 716-GET, possibly driven by a person-of-interest in the case. Early this morning the police stated they are no longer looking for that vehicle.  NFI

Anyone with information on the missing infant or the car can call 316-383-4661.


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