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Angela Barlow missing from Indiana FOUND

UPDATE 6/22/17 – Remains found in hidden and buried under a brush in the backyard of a home in the 5300 block of East 43rd Street have been identified as belonging to Angie.  The police went there after receiving a tip.

Back in March, Christina stated she learned her daughter may have been with a man she met at Club Rio, where she worked as a dancer.

Original Story:  Angela Barlow, 23, is missing from Indianapolis, Indiana since October 27, 2016.  Yesterday her 2007 blue Pontiac G6 was found about 8 miles away from the apartment complex Angie was last known to be.

Angela’s mother, Christina posted on Facebook that the last anyone saw her was on Snapchat around 11:45 Wednesday night. Witnesses say Barlow received a phone call from an unidentified male around 3 a.m. before leaving the party early Thursday morning.

“My heart is just shattered!! I want my baby found! I want her home!!
I haven’t ate in 4 days. I can barely sleep. I wake up constantly because of nightmares. I cry all damn day. I’m falling apart!
Angileana Barlow is my oldest daughter. My first born. I was only 16 when I had her. But when I held her for the first time, I didn’t even know it was possible to love someone that much. To me she will always be my baby! I want her home. My heart has been ripped from my chest! I cannot function.
My world is turned upside down right now. I look at her 3 little sisters and cry. I pray I can keep it together for them. For my husband. For Angie.”
I’m gonna #FindAngie
I’m gonna #BringAngieHome


Angela Barlow is about 5 feet tall, with brown hair and brown eyes.

Angi Barlow

Her family is still searching, and urges the public to come forward with any information. If you can provide that information or know something that will help find Angie, call Metro Police or Crime Stoppers at (317)-262-TIPS.

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