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Wash woman kidnapped and ransom demanded FOUND

UPDATE 11/21/16 – The body of Sandra Harris was found on the side of Coffin Road, which is about 20 miles from Kennewick, by a citizen driving by.  NFI

Original story:  Police are searching for a Washington woman after she was kidnapped.  Sandra Harris, 69, was taken from her Kennewick home.  Sandra’s husband was called by the kidnapper with Sandra’s phone who then demanded money for the return of Sandra.

Sandra’s husband called the police and they negotiated with the kdinapper and agreed to pay the ransom money.  Authorities set up a money drop near Eltopia in rural Franklin County, 30 miles north of the Oregon border, late Friday, reports the NY Daily News.

Authorities during their investigation were able to determine that the person was Theresa Wiltse, 49, who was making the ransom demand.  After Wiltse took the money she drove off and was later stopped.  She was alone and no sign of Sandra.  The FBI are searching for Sandra.


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