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Dare to fry your turkey inside

Most every year I am putting a turkey in the oven since taking over for my mom. I find myself doing the same thing that she did year after year; but why wouldn’t I as she was so good at cooking.  This year I decided to try something a little different and wanted to to fry my turkey but not outside, but inside. I did my research and chose the new fryer by Butterball.

Not only did I want to try something different I also wanted to be able to be with my guests and not spend all my time in the kitchen.   I put in a 15 lb turkey and it was done in less than an hour that was room temperature, injected and rubbed with a little dry seasoning.

I estimate with the time you need to warm up the fryer that I saved about 4 and half hours of cooking time by using the fryer.   The skin was crispy, while the inside was juicy.   And best of all I didn’t have a big mess to clean up.

It worked so well that I might just try doing a turkey a few more times before Christmas.

You can order for $127.00 on Amazon by clicking here! Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer 10L Analog w/Timer, 10 L

Fries turkeys up to 20lbs. in the aluminum cooking basket with drain clip
Analog controls and digital timer with thermostat temperature control
1,650 watt electric heating element heats oil quickly
Cleaning is easy with the convenient oil drain valve
Designed and tested to meet commercial standards

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