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Man missing from Michigan after leaving work FOUND

james hepworth

March 11, 2017 – Human remains found near Cadillac earlier this year have been positively identified as belonging to James Hepworth of Pentwater. The remains were found on March 28 and DNA confirmed the remains belonged to Hepworth. The remains were found in South Branch Township of Wexford County about 1 mile from where Hepworth’s vehicle was located.

Sarah Johnson-Wolfe posted on MPofA’s Facebook page:  “Hello. I’m fb friends with his wife. Just want to inform you that they did have dogs out where he was suspected to be. They had cadaver dogs and all kinds of special tracking experts. His wife called upon everyone everywhere and all kinds of missing persons agencies to help and people came from all around to search for him. The police were also involved with searching for him. He’s been missing since August 1st. His wife has done everything there is possible to find him. She’s quite the CSI argent type person. There was not a single leaf unturned. It is suspected that he may still be alive and just ran away. So it’s very important to get this picture and info out. Especially in the manistee forest area or in the upper peninsula of Michigan. These are places he liked to go and may have went to.”


Posted on James Facebook page: “Yesterday marked 6 weeks since we have last heard from James. His phone is still off and there has been no activity on any of his credit or bank cards. There has been hundreds of man hours searching the area where his van was located in Wexford County in Northern Michigan to the point I am needing to look further out. There is a possibility he left the area on foot and could be anywhere in Michigan but not only that, with semi’s traveling the area he could have hitch hiked and could be literally anywhere in the US. Maybe even just hitched a ride with someone heading to the Upper Peninsula which is a place he loved. If you believe you see him, please take a picture and send it to me immediately so I can verify if it is him or not. I really want him to know and understand that he is very much missed and we would like him to contact us.

He is a voluntary missing man who left of his own accord but he has 8 kids who are missing him very much. Please help us locate James…There is also a possibility he has taken his life. This is worst case scenario but he did speak of it frequently for most of this year except for the last 2-3 weeks before he disappeared. At this point we really do not know much of anything except for where his van was found and that he himself has not been located. Foul play is again not suspected in any way, this was his decision. James is about 5″10 and 175 lbs. His hair is a blondish color and his beard is a reddish color with some black and white mixed in. No tattoos. On his right hand on his thumb he has a scar from a cut but overall, not much for identifying marks. He loves the woods and is far more likely to be in an area of woods than that of a city. He has a hard time with lights and noises and doesnt care much for people. He was last seen wearing a light shirt with small blue squares over top of a black muscle shirt and black gym shorts. His shoes are black sketchers size 10 1/2 W.”


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