Young woman leaves Hollywood facility in the middle of the night; do you know where she is? FOUND

According to Devan’s sister she has been found.

Original story:  Devan Christia Eutin, 25, is missing from North Hollywood, Calif.  She willingly went into a facility on Oct. 20, after asking for help from a friend.  For an unknown reason, she left at 1 in the morning in the rain with only the clothes on her back on Nov. 20.  Devan has no car or phone and she knowns no one in the city.

“40 days ago Devan asked me for help so I flew her to California and got her some,” said Jacob Johnson.


Devan was last seen in North Hollywood.

“She has no phone or car. She doesn’t know a single person besides myself in California,” said Johnson. “I am worried that she has given up on herself completely and is putting herself in harms way. I contacted everyone that she may have tried to contact but not a single person has heard from her.

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Devan is around 5’7″ 135 lbs. She has a tattoo on her right hand of a pyramid with an eye in the center and her knuckles read tuff luck. She also has wings tattooed on her back as well.

If you know of her whereabouts, please call the North Hollywood police at (818) 754-8300 if you have any information, or you can contact us here at MpofA.

Devan has not posted on her Facebook page since October.


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