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Mysterious case of missing Erie man solved when remains found in attic

The case of missing DyQuain Rogers, 21, was a mystery.  He was living with his grandmother at her Pennsylvania home on 2506 German St. in Erie, and was working as an asst. manager at a Little Caesar’s nearby.  Everything was fine, everything was normal until one day DyQuain just disappeared on Nov 1, 2014.


Then on Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016, DyQuain’s grandmother Zenobia Richmond, 65, heard a noise in her attic.  She described it as a “thump” sound, like something falling.  She cautiously climbed the stairs of her old home and opened her attic door to find a decomposed body.  She was too shocked to even comprehend at first what it was.

When the police arrived they theorized that the body had been in the attic room for years and that it belonged to DyQuain.  All this time, Zenobia had convinced herself that DyQuain had left her home on his own free will and started a new life else where.  She never could even imagine he had died and had been laying in her attic for two years.

The Erie County Coroner will positively confirm the identity of the body, but has stated the cause of death appears to be suicide.  The family disagrees and said there was no reason for him to take his own life like that and he was happy.

We are left to wonder why the attic was never searched, because obviously if it had been, his body would have been found two years ago.    Erie Police Chief Donald Dacus told GoErie news that he had not had a chance to review the file to see if the officers searched the attic.  I think he doesn’t need to review the files to know that they didn’t.

DyQuain’s last post on Facebook was Oct 31, 2014 the day before he disappeared. It read, “I’m just gonna keep eating pretzels.”

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