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Cole Thomas missing from North Carolina after jumping out of car; $10,000 reward offered

Cole Thomas

Missing Person North Carolina Cole Thomas

Update 9/26/10 :  Julian Valles Jr., of Dudley, Anthony Ridell James Jr., of Mount Olive, Rudolfo DeLeon Jr., of Mount Olive and Jeremy Carpenter were charged in connection with Cole’s disappearance.  On Sept. 26, 2019 the charges were dropped.

Original Story: Cole Thomas AKA as Christopher Thomas, 22, from Florida has been missing since Nov. 25.  He was in a car with friends traveling on I-40 going to Durham, in North Carolina.  His friends he was with said he stopped the car and jumped out and ran off.


More information has come out about this case, according to WRAL, “Investigators spoke with Thomas’ father a few days later, and he told them he had spoken with a man who had been working as an electrician in Minnesota with the younger Thomas. The man told Thomas’ father that his son and two other men planned to drive to North Carolina “to do a big drug deal,” according to an application for a search warrant filed by a North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation agent. The two men who were with Thomas confirmed to authorities that they had purchased methamphetamine from an acquaintance, according to the warrant application. After the deal, they said, Thomas became paranoid and started driving erratically before he stopped the car in Benson and ran off.”


According to warrants once they made it to their destination in North Carolina, “the person they intended to do the drug deal with made them take off their clothes” to prove they weren’t wearing a wire.  That was when Cole “flipped out.”   The warrant also said that the other friend who took part in the drug deal corroborated the story of the drug deal and voluntarily gave investigators the number of the man he purchased the methamphetamine from.

Cole’s father was upset that the information was let out to the public because he felt there is no substantiation of the story than the men gave other than what they said.

Cole Thomas is approximately 6’1”, and  230 pounds, with brown/blond hair and blue eyes. In the security camera photos, he is wearing a blue T-Shirt, black pants, and a blue and white baseball cap.

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Benson Police photo

.  Contact Chief Kenneth Edwards or Captain Greg Percy at the Benson Police Department, at (919) 894-2091 if you have information.

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  1. As a family member of Cole. I really wish this “if it bleeds, it leads”, reporting would stop. Why not interview a family member or even the chief of police for details and facts before you release this. THIS IS NOT TRUE. SHOW ME THE PROOF!!and I am not talking about what the other media printed and reported. Show me the proof of where you are getting this info. PROVE IT A$$h@!=$

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