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Louisiana man missing; truck found abandoned and wrecked FOUND

UPDATE 1/7/17 – According to the St. John Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office a body was found under the I-55 overpass that is believed to belong to Kerry.  The body was located when a team the family hired used sonar and found a body trapped underneath a tree branch in the water.  A coroner will make the positive identification. 

Sadly, Kerry’s mother was suffering from COPD and passed away in December, never knowing what happened to her son.   

Original Story: Kerry Keating, 21, has been missing from Metairie, Louisiana since Nov. 28, 2016. He was last heard from by his nephew around 12:10 a.m.  The phone call suddenly ended and Kerry’s nephew tried several times to call Kerry back but he did not answer. He left him a message and told him to come to his apartment, but Kerry never showed up.

Then an answer to why the phone call suddenly ended may have been found when Kerry’s truck, a red 2001 Chevrolet Silverado was found wrecked on I-55 South in LaPlace with the rear back axle broken.   But, there was no sign of Kerry.   Kerry’s cell phone and wallet were found still in the truck, but he was not and he was not in the immediate area.

Where did Kerry go?  Did he walk away from the accident and now is wandering the area with no memory of who he is after he possible hit his head after the accident?  Is it possible that someone stopped and picked him up?  If so where is he?  Because, he wasn’t taken to a nearby hospital.

There is also another scenario.  Maybe Kerry was not driving his truck and it was someone else that wrecked it.  If so we are still left with wondering where is Kerry?  What could have happened that lead to his truck being found wrecked and Kerry missing?

There has been no bank activity since Nov. 27.  If you remember seeing Kerry’s truck on Nov. 27 or 28, please let the police know where you saw it and who you saw driving it.  If you have seen anyone that looks like Kerry since he went missing, please let the police know by calling the St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office at 985-359-8773.

Kerry is 5’9” tall and 145-155 pounds with brown eyes and short brown hair. He has some facial hair and a Fleur De Lis tattoo on his right shoulder, and a chipped left front tooth.




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