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Senior still missing from Georgia; can you help find him? FOUND

Missing Person Georgia

UPDATE August 2019:  Jones County Sheriff R.N. “Butch” Reece announced on Facebook that remains found in a wooded area off Damascus Church Road in October 2018 were positively identified as Ussery earlier this week. Ussery lived on the same road where his remains were found.

Joe Frank Ussery, 77, is a missing person from Georgia.  He has been missing from Jones County Georgia since Nov. 27, 2016.  Joe is very sociable and is called “Mr. Joe” as he visits all the local business in Gray.  Before Thanksgiving, Joe’s wife went out of town with relatives and Joe stayed home because he didn’t want to go.  Sometime between Nov. 23 and Nov. 27, Joe went missing.

The Jones County Sheriff’s Department has posted on their Facebook page asking for the public to call if they see him at 478-986-3489.

joeussery3Sheriff Reese posted, “With the assistance of the Aviation Unit of the Georgia State Patrol, Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge, the Department of Natural Resources, the U.S. Forest Service, and Tracy Sargent of K9 Search & Rescue Specialists. As well as volunteers from the Jones County Board of Education, the Jones County Fire Department, neighbors, friends, family and numerous deputies we have thoroughly searched the area surrounding the home of Joe Frank Ussery as well as followed and exhausted every lead we have received. I regret to report that we have yet to locate Mr. Ussery. We have by no means given up, and will continue the search to bring Mr. Ussery home safe. We ask everyone to keep Mr. Ussery and his family in your prayers and urge anyone with information concering Mr. Ussery to contact my office at 478-986-3489.”

Tamara Green, a friend of the family said that Joe’s cell phone was left inside the house with his wallet (credit cards and identification).

Joe is at risk as he has early onset Alzheimer’s and he is without his medication.  Joe could be anywhere locally or could have even caught a ride to a nearby town, as he has been known to hitchhike.

You can help Joe get back to his family by sharing this story here or on Facebook to anyone you know in Georgia, and if you live in Georgia, please keep an eye out for him.  I am hopeful someone will spot him and can help get him home to his family.

You can learn more at Finding Joe Frank Ussery Sr. Facebook page.

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