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Connecticut teen Todd TJ Allen goes missing while dirt bike riding FOUND

Teen boy missing from Sterling, Connecticut Found

UPDATE 1/14/17 – According to the arrest warrant, Kevin Weismore admitting to police he stabbed TJ to death and led investigators to the body.

NBC Connecticut reported:  “Weismore claims he met with TJ Allen on the trails behind Laiho Road on Dec. 26 around 3 p.m. to sell TJ a large amount of marijuana.  He stated that when he showed TJ the drugs that TJ pulled out a gun from a backpack.  Weismore reacted by pushing the gun away and stabbing TJ.

“I knifed TJ, stabbing him in the stomach once using my right hand, and then stabbing him in the neck a few times. I stabbed him in the neck once and he kept moving so I did it a couple more times,” Weismore’s statement in the warrant reads.

The story sounds fabricated to me.  First, why would TJ pull a gun out and rob Weismore.  Also, it seems unlikely that Weismore pushed the gun away.  Lastly, when did Weismore pull a knife and when.  Did he pull a knife after TJ pulled a gun?  Highly unlikely that TJ would have allowed him to do that if he was pointing a gun at him.  Did Weismore have the knife already out, then TJ pulled a gun because Weismore had a knife?  Please keep in mind that Weismore stated he tossed the weapon off a cliff, but it has not been located.   If you needed to prove self-defense, why would you throw the gun away?   Frankly I doubt it ever will be as I don’t think the gun exists.  Weismore in the statement went on to say he his TJ’s body behind a rock pile, and later had a friend help him dump TJ’s bike into a pond in Killingly.

According to the warrant, he admitted to a friend what happened and that friend helped him dump Allen’s dirt bike into a pond in Killingly.  Weismore was the one that told the police where TJ’s body was and what happened, so you can’t help but wonder why this “friend” didn’t go to the police.  The “friend” has not been named by the police.


UPDATE 1/13/17 –  The Connecticut police have stated that the body of Todd “TJ” Allen has been found in the Laiho Road area in Sterling.  The police also stated

Kevin Weisman
Kevin Weismore

they have made an arrest  of Kevin Weismore, 19, of Sterling.  He is being charged with murder and tampering with evidence and being held on $1 million bond.

Original story:  Todd “TJ” Jeremiah Allen, 18, from Sterling, Conn.  has been missing since Monday, Dec. 26, 2016.  He left his home around 12:30 to go dirt biking, as he has done in the past.  The family told NBC Connecticut that he always called home and came home before dark.

The family stated that TJ did text a friend around 1:30 that day and said he hurt his leg.  Another friend said they got the same message around 3 p.m. that day. What is strange is that when the first friend texted him, he never responded back.  Then over an hour later he sends a text to another friend.


The State police began a search for him but have not found him. TJ rides the Rails to Trail bike path that goes from Sterling into Coventry, Rhode Island, as well as the area of Ross Pond, state police said. Tj’s cell phone battery has probably gone dead leaving only the last place his cell phone pinged as an area for them to search.  Volunteers have branched out from that area and began their own searches, but yesterday the police asked volunteers to stop after a couple got lost in the woods and had to be rescued.

On the Search for TJ Facebook page there has been a lot of discussion regarding a comment on a WTNH news article from TJ’s friend Donald Johnson.

“I’ve had people shoot at me up there,” says Johnson who described a run in he had with hunters. “Uhh I think they were more just pissed off cause yeah we were scaring their animals off that they were trying to hunt.”


Many on Facebook our theorizing where he may be and are leaving screenshots of areas they have searched or should be searched.  The momentum is high to find TJ and even though the days are clicking by, no one has wavered in their quest to find him.

Many of TJ’s friends have stopped by his house to talk with his mom, Christina Moses, before they headed out to start looking for TJ again.

“I think people have been amazing, just amazing,” says Christina. “Some of the people, don’t even know him.”

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TJ is 5’10” about 130 pounds with shoulder-length light brown hair and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing a camouflage t-shirt, blue jeans and brown work boots with a black helmet.

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