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Crispin Dowell missing from San Diego

UPDATE 1/13/16 – According to the police, Crispin has been located safe according to his dad.  Channel 10 is saying he was located in Alabama.  A Facebook page for Crispin Dowell that just started a few hours ago reads:  “For everyone who wants to know, this is me (Crispin Dowell’s) account. Thank you all for the support you gave my family.”

Original story:  Crispin Dowell is missing from San Diego County since January 9, 2017.  Crispin who is 16, lives in the Del Cerro area of San Diego but seen on a video camera at the La Mesa trolley and was last seen in Santee, which is the East County area of San Diego. The family has been going to trolley stops looking for him.  Julie Dowell is mom is worried about him.  He bought a Monster drink and a lighter from a Del Cerro Chevron on Jan. 9 early in the morning.  He took a $100 from a La Mesa ATM Chase Bank and then another $100 from an ATM in Santee.

crispin dwell

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