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Are you related to Shirley Ann Kerns? FOUND

Shirley Kerns
Shirley Kerns
Shirley Kerns

UPDATE 1/15/17 – I am happy to report that Shirley has been found and is alive and well.   Gaynell Howell Michel, single-handedly was able to track Shirley’s family down.  Gaynell discovered while doing her sleuthing that Shirley Ann was actually Shirlee Anne.

“I’m on cloud 9 that we didn’t lose one,” said Gaynell.  “We actually found one alive and well!! Woohoo!!”

There is more information to this story, that we cannot release at this time, as we want to make sure to protect Shirlee’s privacy.  But I believe we can say that Shirlee did walk away from her family many years ago and her mother did file a missing persons report.

“I am happy that the police can finally throw that cold case file away and that it is a happy ending,” said Shirlee’s family.


Original Story:  The Yakima police are searching for the family of Shirley [Shirlee] Ann Kerns. Shirley has not been heard or seen from since the 1970’s, so the police are reaching out to social media to locate Shirley or her family. We know that Shirley’s family was in Yakima in the 1970’s. Does the family still reside there. We do not have much information to go on, like whether Shirley had siblings or even her parent’s names.  The Yakima Police posted on their Facebook page:

“We have received information that she may have disappeared sometime in the 1970’s, however, it does not appear that she was reported missing to authorities. There were several unidentified human remains found throughout Washington state during that time period, including Yakima. We would like to locate any relatives to Ms. Kerns in order to conduct DNA comparison for identification purposes.”

The Yakima police state that Shirley would have been in her late 20s to early 30s when she disappeared. She graduated from AC Davis High School in 1964 at age 18 where she was a member of Aeolians. Her current age would be about 70, and her year of birth around 1946.

Shirley Kerns
Shirley Kerns

Relatives of Kerns can help identify her by participating in a DNA comparison. They can call Sergeant Tim Bardwell at 509-576-652 to start the process.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Shirley Kerns or her relatives you can leave that information here, forward this post to them or call Sergeant Bardwell.

It could be that the Yakima Police Dept. is looking for comparisons to Yakima Jane Doe.

One thought on “Are you related to Shirley Ann Kerns? FOUND”

  1. According to her yearbook lists her name as Shirlee Kerns. But it is not Washington but California. Could their information be wrong? Either the photo, the name spelling or the state? I’d love to know how they even know she is missing. If a report was ever filed, that/those names can be traced as well.
    It is the same photo as the second one in the article:
    Name: Shirlee Kerns
    Birth Year: abt 1947
    School: Herbert Hoover High School
    School Location: Yakima, California
    Year: 1963

    I am going to keep searching and update you with anything else I find. I have provided a link to the Ancestry page. I’m not sure if you will be able to view it.

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