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Do you know Denise Beaudin missing since 1981

Denise Beaudin

Police asking for help to find missing Denise Beaudin

Allenstown Murders
Allenstown Murders

UPDATE 1/26/17 –  The authorities have released more information pertaining to this case.  The authorities stated that Denise Beaudin’s missing case was related to the Allenstown Four Murders and now we have clarification.  Robert Evans was identified as the man responsible for the Allenstown Four Murders.  Read the full story here.

Robert Evan’s who was Beaudin’s husband, and that who we now know died in prison is believed to be responsible for several murders and have called him a serial killer.  We have also learned a shocking twist that Evan’s DNA showed he was not the biological father of the little girl he abandoned in an RV park, but he would not say where he got the child, reports ABC News.  This is the first we knew that he abandoned a child.  In 2014, investigators were able to track down the girl’s family, who now is an adult, and found her to be Denise Beaudin’s child.  And another shock is to find that Evans’ DNA showed he was the father of one of the girls in the barrel.  The woman and other two children were not related to him.   The connection of Evans to the barrels come from his employment.  Evans worked as an electrician at mill and the barrels were likely from the mill, and dumped on the property of the man who employed Evans, reports ABC News.  Also, investigators are not sure if Robert Evans is even Robert Evans as he changed his name so often. The authorities so far have concluded:

“They believe he murdered girlfriend Denise Beaudin, a 23-year-old Manchester, New Hampshire, woman last seen in 1981. They suspect he killed her somewhere between New Hampshire and California and kept her infant daughter, named Dawn at birth, for several years before abandoning her in a California RV park in 1986. The girl, whom he renamed Lisa, was later adopted and is alive and well.

They believe that as early as 1980, he killed four victims whose bodies were found in industrial drums in Allenstown, New Hampshire. The remains of a woman

Eunsoon June
Eunsoon Jun

in her mid-20s and a girl about age 11 were not found until 1985, and the bodies of two girls, one about 4 and one about 3, were found in another container in 2000. He is the father of the middle child, and police believe her mother, who has not been identified, may have been killed as well.

He admitted killing and dismembering California chemist Eunsoon Jun, 45, soon after marrying her in a backyard ceremony in California in 2002 and was serving a 15-year sentence when he died in prison in 2010.”

Now identities of the woman and two girls need to be made, and may have even been reported missing many years ago.  Also, the police believe that Denise was more than likely murdered by Evans and the whereabouts of her body is unknown.  She may even have been found and is classified as a Jane Doe at this time.  A lot more work will need to be done to completely solve this mystery.

UPDATE 1/25/17 – The police have announced today that the case of missing Denise Beaudin is related to the Allenstown Four murders, also known as the Bear Brook Murders in 1985 and 2000 and a California case where four bodies were found in steel barrels.    The steel barrels were found in 1985 and in 2000.   The crime was believed to have been committed around 1980-1984.  Inside each barrel were remains of a woman and three children.

According to the Concord Patch, the latest information about the investigation “revealed that the women and children lived together in the Northeastern part of the country for between two weeks and three months before their deaths and were probably residents of the area. The fourth girl was either from the upper Northeast or upper Midwest, according to testing.”

Original story:  Denise Beaudin, 23, and Robert “Bob” Evans 37,  spent Thanksgiving at Denise’s family home in Goffstown, New Hampshire in 1981. When the family went to visit them at 925 Hayward Street in Manchester on November 26, 1981, they were no longer there, reports the Manchester InkLink.

Denise Beaudin
Denise Beaudin

The police are now turning to the public to ask for help in finding Denise or give them more information on her whereabouts over the years.  Posted on the Dept. of Justice website:

“…her family found that Denise had unexpectedly left her Manchester apartment with her boyfriend Robert Evans and her infant daughter.  Denise was not reported as a missing person when she left. Her infant daughter has been accounted for and is not missing. The circumstances surrounding Denise Beaudin’s disappearance are considered suspicious.”

Bob Evans has been located recently but the whereabouts of Denise is not known.  The authorities want to track Denise down and are asking the public for help to do that.  Right now the authorities are calling Denise’s disappearance “suspicious.”

Denise Beaudin is 5’5″ tall and 120 – 140 pounds with brown hair and eyes. She has a noticeable overbite. She graduated from Goffstown New Hampshire High School in 1976 and settled in Manchester. Work history shows she worked at General Cable on McGregor St. in Manchester and the Demers Nursing Home on Hackett Hill Road.

Denise’s daughter, Dawn was born in 1981, and she has been located and does not want her identity revealed at this time.  She met with her grandfather, Denise’s father, during the holidays.  Denise’s father did not know what happened to Denise nor her baby when they disappeared in 1981, WMUR reports.

Robert Evans
Robert Evans

Robert “Bob” Evans is 6 feet tall with a thin build, 170 pounds,  brown hair and blue eyes. There are several photos of him with or without a beard for identification reasons.  Remember he has been located, but the photos are there to help jog people’s memories that may have known him in the past.

Robert Evans
Robert Evans

If you went to school with Denise, or were a co-worker or neighbor, and in particular anyone that knew the couple between 1976 and 1981 and have any information about her, please let them know.

The DOJ asks if you have any information on her case to please leave a tip here or contact Manchester police at 603-668-8711. Anonymous tips can be left at (603) 624-4040.

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