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Three children found alone inside a Houston abandoned apartment

Montgomery County

Three children found inside an abandoned apartment were taken to a fire station by a concerned citizen

UPDATE 1/28/17 – The Houston Police got a call from someone reporting three missing little boys around midnight but they would not released the children.  The woman was contacted by CPS and she told them she was their aunt.  On Jan 25, a Judge decided to not let the children to go to any family members as the Judge felt it was not safe and the children have been put in foster homes.  Sadly, the children were split up because they had no one that could take all three children.  The two youngest ones went to one home and the oldest boy went to another home.  Hopefully, accommodations are made so they can continue to see each other until this situation is remedied.

Original story:  A woman who at this time has not been identified showed up at Fire Station 69 on West Sam Houston Parkway in Houston, Texas around 1 a.m.  She had three children ages 2, 4, and 6 with her that she stated she found in an abandoned apartment on Lakeside Estates Drive in Houston.  The woman told the firefighters that she called CPS first and they told her to take them to the fire station, reports the Montgomery County Police Report.

The Houston firefighters took care of the children by fixing them some food and playing with then.  Later they were transferred to the hospital.  Currently they are being taken care of by CPS.

At this writing no one knows who the children belong to nor how the woman came to finding them.

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