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Man identified as responsible for Allenstown Four Murders

Allenstown Murders

Man identified as responsible for Allenstown Four Murders may be a serial killer

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Identity of the bodies in the barrels:

The police have announced that they have learned the identities of the two children and woman that were found in the barrels, (see story farther down.)

Marlyse Honeychurch, and her two daughters, Marie Vaughn and Sarah McWaters are three of the four Allenstown victims aka Bear Brook Case.  The fourth victim still remains unknown; a 2-4 year-old girl confirmed to be Rasmussen’s daughter was found in a barrel is 2000, but she has no name.  Credit goes to Rebekah Heath, a research librarian from Connecticut, for making the connection from information from a relative looking for Sarah McWaters.

Sarah McWaters
Marie Vaughn
Marlyse Elizabeth Honeychurch (Mother of the two girls)

Authorities are now asking the public to look at some photos from a child’s birthday party to see if they are familiar with where the photos were taken.

Circa 1978 or 1979. Marie Vaughn’s birthday party.
The party could have been somewhere on the East Coast, perhaps even in New Hampshire.

“If anyone recognizes any of the children in that photograph, or the location, we would certainly be interested,” State Police Sgt. Matthew Koehler said at the press conference.

The party would have been during the time that Rasmussen was going by Bob Evans and lived in Manchester and working at the mill.  Rasmussen was dumping barrels from the mill on property adjacent to Bear Brook State Park that was owned by a co-worker.

Previous story:

The case of the Allenstown, New Hampshire murders from 1985 has received new attention after the police stated they believe they have found their killer and a link between that case and missing Denise Beaudin.

Please note although Robert Evans used many aliases, he will be referred to as Evans for continuity purposes throughout this post.  Terry Peder Rasmussen is believed to be his real name.

Allenstown Murders
Allenstown murders

Synopsis:  A woman and three children were found in barrels in the woods of a man’s property in New Hampshire, and the case was later nicknamed the Allenstown Four Murders, aka as the Bear Brook Case, after another barrel was located at the same location 15 years later.  For decades, no one knew who was responsible for their deaths nor even who the adult and three children were.

Synopsis:  A few years before this, in 1981,  a young woman named Denise Beaudin and her young daughter and a man named Robert Evans disappeared from a home they lived in at 925 Hayward St. in Manchester.  Over the years, the police in several different states would have many encounters with Robert Evans, but because he used so many alias they did not know it was the same man.  In a strange turn of events, police actually found Denise’s daughter, Dawn in 1986 after she had been abandoned by Evans, but they didn’t even know it at the time.  Evans could not be located as he changed his name often and was a drifter.  Denise’s daughter was put into foster care and eventually adopted.  It would be many years later, as an adult until Denise’s daughter wanted to learn more about her childhood and began to look for more information about herself and what happened to her family.  This event set off a series of events that led the police to look at Evans as being involved with the disappearance of Denise and the murderer of an adult and three children found in the barrels in New Hampshire, as well as possible the murderer of many other people over the decades that the police have not yet discovered.

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Go to end of this story to read the full timeline of the whereabouts of Robert Evans, and to fully understand what occurred over the years.

Allenstown Murders

The victims in the barrel still need to be identified, and the police are asking for the public help.  (Identified–see story farther up)
Please look over these photos and go to for additional information about the adult and three children’s descriptions found in the barrels.  The following list shows the following people have been ruled out:

Ruled out:
Nancy Baird 1952 Utah
Denise Beaudin 1958 New Hampshire
Jan Cotta 1954 New Jersey
Rachael Garden 1964 New Hampshire
Sharon Giusti 1943 Washington
Cynthia Goodling 1958 Florida
Pamela Hobley 1954 Michigan
Rhonda Labbe 1956 Massachusetts
Ella Beth Lodermeier 1948 South Dakota
Linda Lovell 1948 Montana
Anne Manchester 1954 Delaware
Aleca Manning 1952 Arizona
Cathy Moulton 1955 Maine
Linda Nickell 1955 Michigan
Patricia Otto 1952 Idaho
Kristina Perkins 1953 Arizona
Wanda Priddy 1958 Texas
Laureen Rahn 1966 New Hampshire
Patricia Schmidt 1964 Virginia
Diane Schulte 1954 Idaho
Kathleen Shea 1959 Pennsylvania
Kimberly Stewart 1956 California
Mary Stuart 1945 California
Denise Sullivan 1946 Utah

allentown murders
allenstown murders
Allenstown Murder
Allenstown Murder

For Case 104-00 and 103-00 these children have been ruled out:

Melissa Bustamante 1996 Florida
Amber Crum 1981 Texas
Fannie Stuart 1976 California
Jessie Stuart 1975 California
Kelly Yates 1984 Rhode Island

Please note that the middle child  (Photo far left) has been identified as Robert Evans’ daughter. 

Allenstown Murder
Allenstown Murder

Case 85-1051 these children have been ruled out:

Julie Moseley 1965 Texas
Janice Pockett 1965 Connecticut

The adult and the oldest child and youngest child are related and believe to have grown up in the North Eastern part of the US.

Police are also asking for help to track Evans’ location over the years.  Below is the timeline of Robert Evans:  There has been updates on Evans’ whereabouts and has been added below.  Most of the additions are pre-1980.

1943 Dec. 23: Born in Colorado named Terry Peder Rasmussen.

1954 – 1958: Attended Whittier Elementary School, Phoenix, AZ.

1958 July – 1961 April: Resided in Phoenix with family.

1959 – 1960: Attended North High School, Phoenix, AZ. Dropped-out after sophomore year.

1961 April: Enlisted in the US Navy.

1967 July: Discharged from the US Navy.

1967 – 1968: Moved to Hawaii. Rasmussen worked in his parents’ shoe shop.

1968 July 20: Married wife in Hawaii.

1969: Moved to Phoenix, AZ. Twin daughters born.

Worked as an electrician for a boss named “Otto” (company unknown).

1970: Rasmussen family moved to Redwood City, CA. Rasmussen worked as an Electrician in Palo Alto, CA. Rasmussen’s son is born.

1972: Rasmussen’s daughter is born. Rasmussen and his wife separate temporarily.

1973 approx. Rasmussen and family move back to Phoenix. Rasmussen again works for “Otto.” He also works in a shoe shop.

1973 April: Rasmussen arrested by Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

Arizona officials believe that Rasmussen was in the state around Christmas 1975 or 1976. Everyone involved is “very interested” in identifying the unknown woman who was with Rasmussen during this time period since she might be the mother of his daughter, the one found murdered in Allenstown.

1975 June: Rasmussen is arrested in Phoenix, Arizona for aggravated assault. It is believed that his wife and children left him shortly after this arrest.

1975 or 1976, December: Rasmussen arrives unexpectedly to visit his wife and children in Payson, AZ. He is in the company of an unidentified female. Rasmussen indicates he was living at the Casa Del Rey Apartments in Ingleside, TX. This is the last time Rasmussen’s family ever sees him.

1978 June: Rasmussen works for the “Brown & Root” Company in Houston, TX. Record indicates Rasmussen “quit to work elsewhere.”

1978 Rasmussen contacts friend in Arizona and asks for money. He states he is in Texas working on an oil rig.

1978 September 28 Divorce finalized. Rasmussen’s whereabouts unknown.

1978 – 1979 (approx.) Rasmussen worked at Waumbec Mills as head electrician. He is now known as Bob Evans.  (Rasmussen was dumping barrels from the mill on property adjacent to Bear Brook State Park that was owned by a co-worker.)

1980, February: Rasmussen arrested in Manchester, NH as Robert T. Evans for Issuing a bad check on 12/21/1979 (insufficient funds).

1980, May: Robert T. Evans arrested in Manchester, NH, for theft of services (electricity).

1980, October: Robert T. Evans arrested in Manchester, NH, as for diverting electric current.

Authorities do know that during the 1980 that Evans was arrested in Feb and June and said he spouses name was Elizabeth Evans.  When he was arrested in Oct. 1980 he did not list a spouse at all.  The police are trying to locate an Elizabeth Evans and are not sure if she even exists.

There is no information as to where he was from November of 1981 (after he left his home with Denise and her daughter, Dawn) to 1984.

During March 1984 through May 1985, Evans went by the name of Curtis Kimball and was hired as an electrician in Los Alamitos, Calif.  In May 1985 he was arrested for endangering a child (Dawn) and hit and run of property and DUI.  He gave the name of Curtis Kimball from Los Alamitos.

In 1985, a barrel with remains were found on a man’s property.   The property owner gave the police the name of Evans who worked for him as an electrician at Waunbec Mills from late 1970 to 1980.  Evans was long gone, and again because of his many alias, the police could not track him down for further questioning.

From January to July 1986, Evans worked at the Holiday Host RV Park in Scotts Valley as Gordon Curtis Jenson (Jensen) and had a child named Lisa, who is believed to be actually Dawn.

In June or July of 1986, Evans abandons Dawn, who is now known as Lisa and leaves her with a family at the Holiday Host RV Park.  Lisa was put into foster care and was eventually adopted.

September 1986, authorities discover from a fingerprint that Evans is also Kimball and Jenson.  Evan’s could not be tracked down.

November of 1988, Evans is arrested in San Luis Obispo, Calif. for vehicle theft of a car from Preston, Idaho.  he was using the alias of Gerry Mockerman.

March 1989, Evans was sentenced to three years in prison.

October 1990, Evans is paroled and in November 1990 authorities realize that Evans is also Kimball and all the other alias.  Evans disappears for the next 12 years.

In 2001, Evans married Eunsoon Jun under the name of Lawrence William Vanner in Richmond, Calif. in August 2001.

In 2002, following up on a missing person’s report, the investigation led police to Eunsoon’s body in the basement of her home.  Vanner is arrested and is found to be Kimball.

In 2003, DNA showed that Lisa and Evans were not related.  Evans is sentenced to 15 years to life for Eunsoon’s murder.

In 2010, Evans died in prison.

In 2014, the San Bernardino COSO enlisted the assistance of and one of their Search Angels, a genetic generalist to identify links to relatives of Lisa.

2016 – First cousin and grandfather of Lisa were identified in New Hampshire which led to proving that Lisa is Dawn Beaudin – daughter of missing person, Denise Beaudin.  A connection is suspected between Evans and the Allenstown Four Murders and DNA testing showed that the middle child was Evans’ daughter.

The adult woman and the other two children were found to not be related to Evans at all and at this time no one knows who they are.  It is possible they could have been reported missing years ago.  The first barrel was found in 1985 with the adult and oldest child in the barrel.  In 2000 a trooper searching the area found the second barrel with the two youngest children (one was Evans’ daughter).

Thank you to Sgt. Shawn McCabe of the Manchester NH police department for clarification and additional information regarding the timeline.

Denise Beaudin went missing after Thanksgiving in 1981.  Is it possible that she has been found and is an unidentified Jane Doe?  The police have searched the old home of Evans and Beaudin and no remains were found there.

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If you have any information about any of these people, or if you believe you might be the father of the two children, please call the New Hampshire Police Dept.

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