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Authorities search for Pittsburgh twins missing for 10 years

missing pittsburgh twins
Patricia Fowler
Patricia Fowler

Twins, Ivan and Inisha Fowler have been missing for 10 years.

UPDATE 5/18/17 –  A judge said that Fowler’s who is charged with conspiracy and unsworn falsification to authorities still stand but other charges have been dropped.  She will remain in jail for Fowler collecting government benefits for her missing twins.

Original Story: Authorities came to the home of a Pittsburgh woman, Patricia Fowler, 47, and arrested her because she did not show up for a formal arraignment on criminal charges related to the whereabouts of her two children.

Back in June, CPS came to Fowler’s home after she was accused of neglect and removed four of her children from her home.  Fowler has a total of 9 children. CPS contacted the police when Fowler gave various stories as to the location of the twins.

Patricia Fowler, 47, have told the authorities many stories.  She stated the children, are living out-of-state but the police have not been able to confirm her information, reports WOODTV.  She also stated they were in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, but none of the addresses she gave have led to their location.  Fowler also told the police she sold the children through a broker to a woman she didn’t know.  That story was later recanted.

Police arrested and charged Fowler in August with several felony counts, including concealing the whereabouts of Ivon and Inisha.  She was out on bond and was supposed to appear in court for her first hearing but she did not show.   Authorities finally tracked her down at her boyfriend’s house on Saturday, Jan. 29, 2017.   Fowler’s son, Datwon, 19, was also arrested and charged for conspiracy to hide his siblings, after he pretended to be Ivon, and said he and Inisha were safe and living out-of-state. The police tracked the phone to the home where Datwon and his mother lived before, and he confessed to the police he had pretended to be Ivon, reports the Pittsburg Post Gazette.

The last reliable sighting of the twins was when they were toddlers, but have been reported missing for 10 years.

Ivan fowlerIf you know the location of Ivon or Inisha Fowler please call the police or notify the NCM&EC.  They are both 18-years-old at this writing.

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