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Photos of women found in the wallet of serial killer Alex Mengel have never been identified

Alex Mengel

Alex MengelPolice have photos of five women that were found in the wallet of a suspected serial killer, but they have never been able to identify the woman.  Do you know who they might be?

Alex Mengel, 30, from Guyana was pulled over by Officer Stymiloski in Yonkers on  Feb. 24, 1985.  Mengel shot and killed Stymiloski and took off.   The police found his car abandoned in the Bronx and traced it back to Alex Mengel.  They could not find Mengel, but three days later he was seen by the police in Toronto, Canada.   Mengel tried to get away but instead crashed his car into a wall.  He was eventually cornered and arrested.  The police found he was driving Beverly Capone’s car and she been reported missing from Mount Vernon, NY on Feb. 26, 1985. Inside the car was two pistols and a woman’s scalp.  Sadly, Capone’s remains were found in the woods, near a cabin that Mengel had hidden out in.  The scalp that Capone had, was matched to Beverly.alex mengel

Authorities also believe that Mengel also tried to abduct a 13-year-old girl from Skaneateles, New York on Feb. 27.  The girl described the person as wearing lipstick and a wig, and pointed a gun at her telling her to get in the car, but instead she ran away.  Authorities believe that the wig was actually Capone’s scalp.

On April 26, 1985 Mengel who was indicted for Stymiloski’s murder tried to escape from his state police escort on the Taconic State Parkway.   He managed to get an officer’s sidearm but was killed by another officer before he could use the gun.

In 1987, retired police officer Officer Paul discovered some evidence that tied Mengel to the murder of Antonella Mattina while writing a book called UNEARTHING A SERIAL KILLER  leading to the conclusion that Mengel was a serial killer, and there were possibly other victims that he has killed.

Alex Mengel
The above photos were found in Mengel’s  wallet found in the car that Mengel owned, along with a map of Pennsylvania showing circles around Harrisburg.  The girls in the photos have never been identified.  Could they be a Jane Doe that was found and not identified?

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