Hemet mom still missing; her friend found murdered

Kathleen Ann Haney, 56, of Hemet, was reported missing on Jan. 24, 2017, after her car was found burning on the Soboba Indian Reservation.

Click here to read the Pala Watch about Carolyn Cagey and note the comments at the bottom of the article. 

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept. is asking for help to find Kathleen Ann Haney, 56, from Hemet, Calif.  She was last seen with Kyle Cagey, 27, on Jan. 22, from Palo reports NBC San Diego news.  Haney was driving Cagey, her  daughter’s friend to the Soboba Casino, reports MyNewsLA.

The police were called to a car fire on Jan. 23 at 6 a.m. in Castille Canyon on the Soboda Reservation, and the car was identified Kathleen Haneyas belonging to Haney.  The following day Kyle Cagey was found dead in a riverbed and he had been shot.

Haney’s daughter is afraid that her mother might have witnessed the murder.


“I think my mother was collateral damage because she was a witness to whatever happened to him,” Michelle Haney told KABC7. “My mother would have never given a ride to someone if she knew they were dangerous.”

Sadly two other members of Cagey’s family have died in the last month. One from gunshot wound and another from a drug overdose. The police said at this time they don’t believe they are related to Kyle’s death.

Haney is missing and the police are asking that anyone with information regarding this investigation or who knows the whereabouts of Haney is encouraged to immediately contact Investigator Jose Vasquez of the Sheriff’s Central Homicide Unit at (760) 393-3529.

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