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Dunwoody police ask for help identifying endangered woman connected to sex ring

Dunwoody missing woman

dunwoody policeOn January 20, the Dunwoody Police Dept. in Dunwoody, Georgia has posted a photo on social media of a woman they have not been able to Dunwoody missing womanlocate.   The post reads:

The Dunwoody Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying a missing and possibly endangered person. The unidentified female is a person of interest in a Commercial Sex Organization investigation, and officials have reason to be concerned for her well-being.

She is described as follows: a white female, approximately 5’02” tall and weighing approximately 110 pounds. She has long blonde hair (possibly dyed) and blue eyes. She has a large multi-colored tattoo of an owl on her upper right arm and shoulder, along with other tattoos in various locations.

If you know the identity of this female, please have her contact Detective C. Gilbert at (678) 382-6997 or to confirm her well-being.

ANONYMOUS TIPS via SUBMIT A CRIME TIP at or text via TIPSOFT program at Each of these methods is confidential, encrypted, and completely anonymous. (MS)

The investigation they are referring to is an escort service that was operating out of an apartment across the street from the police station, along with several other escort service operating out of apartment complexes in Atlanta and Dunwoody, reports AJC.   It turns out they arrested the Gwinnett County Assistant District Attorney, Christopher Quinn, 46, of Alpharetta after catching him on video “interacting” with a prostitute.   The Journal-Constitution reported the court documents state he was a member of an exclusive brothel that went by the name of the Gold Club.  Quinn turned himself in Tuesday and has been charged with pandering and violation of Georgia’s felony racketeering statute.  He is still working for the County with limited duties, reports the Washington Post.

Melinda GrayMelinda Gray

I was wondering if there were any other women missing from that area and came across an article where the police were looking for this woman.  Back in July 2016, the police were asking help to find Melinda Gray, who was last seen near Peachford Road on June 7, reports CBS.   Doing a little research I find that Peachford Rd. is 10 minutes from the police station, which is the area where the unknown woman was last seen.  Melinda’s description though is 5’6″ tall not 5’2″ tall, 100 pounds with strawberry blonde hair, hazel eyes and a tattoo with the name “Ethan” on her right hand and a vine wrapped around a cross on her upper right arm. I cannot tell in the photo of the unknown woman if there is a vine on her shoulder above the owl on her  arm.  Or if possible if the vine is behind the owl tattoo.  I do not know where Melinda’s description comes from but maybe she got the owl tattoo after her last description.  Note, I do not see the name Ethan on her right arm, which is part of Melinda’s description.

I don’t see anything that Melinda has been found, but that is not always followed up on.  Even if this woman is not the same one in the photo above, is it possible she was part of the same sex ring located across the street from the police station and now has disappeared?  In any regards, I have sent the info to the Dunwoody Police Dept.


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  1. Just a note about the identifying tattoos…
    Don’t assume left and right from a photograph. Sometimes photos are reversed for various reasons. The photo could still be Melinda with her identifying tattoos (cross, vine and “Ethan”) being hid from view on the other side of her body and the owl tattoo being added after she was reported missing.

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