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Old Forge restaurant owner missing, blood found

Robert Baron

UPDATE:  The reward for information leading to Robert is at $10,000.

Robert Baron, 58, has been missing from Lackawanna County, Penn. since Jan. 25.  He was last seen dropping his son off at his home around 11 p.m.  He was due to pick up his other son, Thursday morning, but he never showed.  His son went to the family restaurant, Ghigiarelli Pizza in Old Forge that the family owns and Robert was not there, but it appeared as though an attack had occurred.

Robert Baron


The police found blood inside the restaurant, Old Forge Police Department Chief Jason Dubernas told ABC News.  The Bluefield Daily Telegraph reports court documents said a tooth was found in the sink and a bloody blanket.  Robert’s car, a silver 2006 Hyundai Elantra was found a few days later on Howard Street in Old Forge and inside police found blood, too.

Robert also told employees to stop answering the phone that day after several calls came in.  No one knows why.


The search warrant read that luminol was used, “which uncovered evidence that a possible attack occurred and was attempted to be cleaned by the perpetrators … with household cleaners left at the scene.”

The pretense of household cleaners at the scene was not specific but bleach is known to give off the same blue color as blood does, but, according to the search warrant, the car appeared to have a blood stain on one of the doors and there was a “larger amount of blood” inside the car.  This sounds as though no luminol was needed to see that blood.

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Anyone with information about Baron now have another way to report it to police. Scranton Police Department is lending use of their anonymous tip submission feature on their website,

Anyone with information can also contact Old Forge police or the Lackawanna County district attorney’s office, both at 570-342-9111.

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