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Teen Aeriona Pauley missing from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma FOUND

Aeriona Pauley

Aeriona Pauley missing from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

UPDATE 2/14/17 – Aeriona has been found and is safe. NFI

Original story:  Aeriona Marie Pauley, 15, was last seen around 3:35-3:40 on January 1st, 2017 at her home in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Aeriona’s close friends K.B. and A.P had been over visiting that day. A.P. was leaving to give K.B a ride home. They both asked Aeriona if she wanted to ride with them but she declined. Her, her mother Brandie Pendergrass and her sister were all planning on going to her Grandmother’s house for Sunday dinner, which was at 4.

K.B. recalls that as she and A.P. were preparing to leave, Aeriona grabbed them both and gave them a hug. Then Aeriona kind of pushed them towards the door. Looking back, K.B. says it was as if Aeriona knew she would not see them again.
Aeriona PauleyAs they were pulling out of the driveway, they saw Aeriona at her open bedroom window. When she saw them looking at her, she waved bye then moved away from her window. That was the last time they both saw her.

Aeriona’s mother says that Aeriona took the dog out into the front yard. Within 5 or 10 minutes Aeriona had not come back inside. She opened the front door and found the family dog alone in the yard. Aeriona was nowhere to be found. Brandie called A.P and K.B. to see if Aeriona had changed her mind about going with them. By this time they had made it to another’s friends house that was going to go along for the ride. They immediately turned around and went back to Aeriona’s house.

She was not at her Grandmother’s house. They could not find her in the neighborhood. They called all family and friends they could think of to call. No one had seen Aeriona.

Aeriona left her house without her prescription glasses and her daily medicine. She had no money on her either. The only thing they know of for sure that she did have on her is her cell phone. However her phone immediately began going straight to voicemail.

Since her disappearance Aeriona has not been on any of her various social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Kik, Instagram and Snapchat, which she used every day. She has not reached out to any family or friends.

Aerioina had mentioned to several friends that she was thinking about running away. She had said that in the past but had not followed through so her friends did not think she was being serious. There were two instances in the past where she “ran away”. One time she stayed at a friend’s house for two days without permission but she sent word to her mom that she was safe. The other time she left, she got scared and called her mother within an hour to come get her.

There are a few reasons that her friends believe she may have run away, besides just the fact that she said she had considered it. Papers from her missing backpack were dumped on the floor. Also, A.P. noticed that some of her make-up, as well as clothes she had gotten for Christmas were no longer in her room. Her family is not sure if she took the backpack and maybe left her clothes and make-up at someone’s house. They are hoping that if she did someone will come forward and let them know. Her backpack is Nike brand. It is black and grey with water bottle holders on the side.

K.P. recalled a conversation she had with Aeriona a few days prior to her disappearance. She said that Aeriona asked her if she would tell on her if she ran away. K.P. told her she would. Then Aeriona told her that if she did runaway, she was not coming back.

All clues do make it appear that she willingly left. However, one thing that no one can seem to wrap their head around is the timing of when she went missing. Her friends left around 3:35-3:40. She knew she had to be at her Grandmother’s house by 4. She knew someone would notice if she was gone within a few minutes. In addition, she left her dog, which she loved, in the front yard. Family and friends question why she would just leave the dog in the yard, and also why she would leave herself very little time to get away.

While no one has found signs of her being abducted, Brandie recalls the fact that for a month or so prior to Aeriona’s disappearance, she often heard noises coming from the empty house next door. The house was used for storage and she believed someone was going in there and staying from time to time. She also heard someone messing around her bedroom window before. When they would investigate, they never found anyone. Brandie says that after Aeriona disappeared, the noises stopped.

Since her disappearance friends have come forward giving the family any information they could think of that might lead to where Aeriona is. So far, none of the leads have led them to where she is.
Brandie was told that a school mate of Aeriona’s saw her in Tulsa in the passenger seat of a small, white four door car with tinted windows. She said that she was with a heavy-set hispanic looking male in his late 20s. Police would like to look into this lead but they cannot find the girl to question her, as her name was not given. The family is pleading for this witness to please come forward with this information.

A. P. says that though he feels Aeriona may have willingly ran away, this is no longer the case of a run away. He says she was not street smart enough to survive out there this long. He says that while he is hoping for the best, he fears the worst. When asked what he would tell Aeriona if he could. He said, “Come home. I miss you. I want you to come home.” K.B. said, “Even if you don’t want to come home, I just want to know you’re alright. It’s tearing us apart and we just need to know that you’re ok.”
Her mother has posted a photo video of her on her own Facebook page as well as a page set up to help bring Aeriona home called, Bring Aeriona Marie Pauley Home. It can be found at
In addition to the Broken Arrow Police Department working her case, she also has an open case with NCMEC, The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children. Her case information through them can be found there  Also, search and rescue group Bridging the Gap has taken on her case.

***Aeriona is 5’9″ tall. She weighs approximately 160 lbs. She squints without her glasses on. She is a brunette, but had recently bleached her hair blonde before she went missing. She wears braces. Her shoe type of choice is converse. She owned one black and white pair and one red and white pair. It is unclear which ones shoes she was wearing when she disappeared, nor her clothes because according to her younger sister, she had just went into her room to change before she took the dog out.****

If you have any information on Aeriona Pauley’s disappearance, please contact Detective Mark Back at 918-451-8200 ext. 8273

Note: Minors names printed by initial only to protect their identity

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