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Jessica Lynn Garino missing since 2012 from North Carolina

Jessica Garino

Jessica Lynn Garino has been missing since January 2012

Jessica was a young lady that had some severe substance abuse issues and like most people in this life style she got herself mixed up with some undesirable people. In January of 2012 she decided that she was going to move from her home town of Unicoi Tennessee to Goldsboro, North Carolina to get a fresh start and make an attempt to try to get clean. Unfortunately, she moved there with her Heroin dealer whom she lived with. Approximately a week before she went missing she spoke to her sister on the phone and stated that she would call back the following week because she was out of minutes on her cell phone.  Jessica Garino The next week came and Jessica never called her sister back. Her sister became worried and went to Goldsboro to try to find her sister but she was gone and no one knew what happened to her including her roommates.

According to the Anti-Predator Project, “We have a confirmed sighting of her on January the 22nd but after that there is no record or sign of her anywhere. We are suspicious that her Heroin dealer had something to do with it but at this time everything we have is circumstantial and would never hold up in court and is not enough to make an arrest. We are looking for anyone who might have information about this case no matter how trivial they might think it is.”

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