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Body of missing NJ teen Rachel Oakes found

Rachel Oakes, 19, went missing in January 2017, and the police have stated they have located her body near Rarity River in New Jersey.

Rachel’s car was found on Jan. 10 along the Garden State Parkway near Driscoll Bridge which crosses the Ration River.  Not much has been said by the police and the family have not stated much.   Her cause of death is being investigated by the coroner, especially after the death of Sarah Stern which was originally thought to be a suicide but ended up to be a murder.

Oakes’ boyfriend, Tyler Urbanski, previously said that he had received a call from authorities at around 3 a.m. on Jan. 10, reports

rachel oakes

Tyler posted on Facebook, “I keep telling myself I’m alright, all things considered.I keep telling myself that it’s going to be okay. Yet I find myself checking my phone every 5 minutes for a text from you. Calling your phone, maybe it’ll ring instead of going straight to voicemail. Checking Facebook and social media to maybe see something that you posted. I find myself reading whatever texts are still on my phone, looking at picturea of us, and looking at that framed picture of your senor cactus in my room. If you are still out there, please come back to us rachel. Everyone misses you and loves you.”

Rachele Oakes

Anyone with information is asked to contact Det. Curt Halas at 732-721-5600, or email



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