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Lost Pasadena woman ends up in Joshua Tree National Park

Constance Sullivan who went missing after getting lost in her home town of Pasadena has been found.  KTLA reports that Connie called her family on Tuesday, April 4, 2017, telling them she was lost.  She had driven to the CVS Pharmacy at 451 S. Sierra Madre Blvd. in her blue Honda Civic, and on her way home got lost.  Connie could not be reached on her phone and the family called the police for help.  Authorities stated Connie’s phone  last pinged in San Dimas.

Then on Thursday morning Connie was found stranded and dehydrated by two good Samaritans.  David Franco, 28, and Jennifer Thompson, 35, came upon Connie while riding their ATVs in Joshua Tree National Park.  They stopped and talked with her and realized she was disoriented, and called for help.   Connie ended up at that location after apparently driving around trying to find her way home.  She probably would have kept going if her car had not broken down.

Connie was treated for mild dehydration and will be reunited with her family.



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