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Remains of missing Texas teen last seen at McDonald’s found

Nahomi Rodriguez from San Benito went missing on July 17, after leaving work at a McDonald’s 602 N. 77 Sunshine Strip in Harlingen, Texas.  She was seen getting into a car with an unknown man. Although there was video and a photo of the man who the authorities thought Nahomi was with, she was never located.  Nahomi had told her mom that she had a ride home that night with friends, but her mom did not recognize the car nor the photo of the man that police showed her.

Last week a body was found by a farmer working on the canal in Rio Hondo and the police announced today that the remains have been identified as belonging to Naomi Rodriguez.  Nahomi can be seen in the video walking  light-colored SUV, then she walks out of camera range.  Before that video caught, who police think was the same person.  He was wearing a white cap with a black shirt and pulls up to the drive-through window. Nahomi can be seen giving the man a fist-punch, like a greeting.

“There was a lot of evidence recovered at the scene,” Harlingen Police Chief Jefferey Addickes said at a press conference Monday. “We are very hopeful that — bringing Nahomi home — that we find the person or persons responsible.”


The case is now being investigated as a homicide.  Anyone with information regarding the case is urged to call the Harlingen Police Department at (956) 425-8477.

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