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Kasey Russell was last seen in Seminole, Oklahoma on June 27, 2016

Kasey Russell was last seen in Seminole, Oklahoma on June 27, 2017

Kasey Russell was last seen in Seminole, Oklahoma on June 27, 2016. The last time his mother spoke to him on June 27, 2016, he told her that his girlfriend had cheated on him and that he was coming home the next day. On June 28, 2016 Kasey’s mother received a text from Kasey that read, “I am on my way home.” He later texted her husband and said, “Mom help me, I’m in trouble.” Kasey also texted his mom’s friend, telling her that his girlfriend had cheated on him. He said he was walking and that he needed help and a ride home. It was late at night when Kasey texted her so she told Kasey it was too far of a drive but she would pick him up if he could meet her halfway. He never made it.

Kasey’s Childhood

Kasey grew up in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. He was the oldest of four children to a single mother. In school Kasey was a shy and quiet kid. Because of this, he was often bullied. But that did not change his heart for people. Everyone I have spoken to that knows Kasey said that he is a very nice person. He is kind, generous, hard-working and a self-confessed “Momma’s boy.” He is not ashamed of his love for his mother. He is not ashamed to show anyone that he cares about open love and affection. He trusts easily and loves hard.

Kasey spent many of his years helping to raise his younger siblings. He got his first job when he was just 14-years-old and has worked since then, always helping his mother pay the bills and providing for the needs of his brother and 2 sisters.

Kasey did not stop taking care of his siblings once they became adults either. He helped them in every way he could. He moved in with one of his sisters and helped her raise her 2 children. He cooked, cleaned, mowed the yard, fixed things when they were broken, played with his niece and nephew, babysat, helped pay bills. He did everything a father would do. In fact one of the children told their mother not too long ago, as they were crying and asking when they would find his uncle, that Kasey was more than an Uncle to them, he was more like a dad. Kasey sister’s reply was,” He was like a dad to me too.”

To say he is greatly missed is an understatement. His family is not the same since he has been gone. Each family member that I have talked to told me that Kasey was the best person they had ever met. They say was, because they believe something bad has happened to Kasey. No one that knows Kasey believes that he would ever go even one day without speaking to his mother. He never did. That is just not who he was, according to them. They still hold out hope that Kasey will be found alive, but as each new day passes without hearing from Kasey, the hope that he will be found alive, turns to the hope that they will at least find his remains so they can give him a proper burial and funeral.

One of Kasey’s sister’s told me she was proud of Kasey because he was hard working, loving and giving. She said he was an amazing artist and has won several awards and ribbons over the years for his artwork. She still has a picture he made for her and she cherishes it. She said he was such a good brother and uncle to her kids. Not only did he take care of them like a father figure, but he also still did the things that good uncles do, like teaching her son to fight and teaching him to play video games.

Kasey was a cook at Jimmy’s Egg in Tahlequah, OK. A few months before his disappearance, his company sent him to train the cooks at Jimmy’s Egg in McAlester, OK on how to get orders out faster. It was there that he met his girlfriend. He fell for her quickly and the two moved in together. His family says that him meeting his girlfriend was the beginning of the end for Kasey. It started him on a downhill spiral that ended with him missing.

Days before he Went Missing

On June 26, 2017, Kasey told his mom that him and his girlfriend were going to McAlester, OK. Supposedly they decided to do some “casino hopping” at local casinos. His girlfriend invited a man to come along. Kasey, his girlfriend and this other man were seen on surveillance video leaving the Choctaw Casino in McAlester, OK on June 27th, 2016.

Kasey’s girlfriend and the other man claim that Kasey got into an argument with them at the Seminole Nation Casino, in Seminole, Oklahoma, on July 3, 2016, and from there he left the casino on foot.

Allen Foster, Investigator for the Seminole Nation Lighthorse, said that Kasey, his girlfriend and the other man were last seen on surveillance video in the parking lot of the Seminole Nation Casino, in Seminole, Oklahoma, on June 27, 2016.  He said that they were all 3 seen on video getting in the same vehicle and exiting the parking lot of the casino.

One of Kasey’s sister’s says that his girlfriend told her that Kasey saw her and the man kissing, they got into an argument and then the three got into the vehicle they came in and left. Kasey would not drop the argument and he ended up getting out somewhere down the road, but she could not remember where.

Kasey’s mother says that his girlfriend called her 7 days after Kasey’s disappearance and told her that the other man had kidnapped her and held her hostage for 5 days, during which time he told her that he was going to “take care of her boyfriend.” She says that the girlfriend first told her that Kasey walked away from the casino on foot. She later told her that Kasey got in the vehicle with her and the other man, but got out of the vehicle at some point down the road, however she could not remember where.

Conflicting Stories

Two of Kasey’s aunts have told family members that they spoke with his girlfriend and she told them conflicting stories. I could not reach his girlfriend or the other man for a comment. They are to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. No one really knows what happened to Kasey, except the people responsible for his disappearance and so far they are not telling. So far the guilt has not eaten them up over what they did to him. So far they have not felt enough pressure to tell what happened to Kasey and give his family answers.

The hope is that Kasey is alive and well somewhere, happy and healthy, living the dream. But Kasey’s family feels the reality is that his love for his family and his relationship with them was his dream and if he could be living it, then he would.

So Many Questions

Where is Kasey? Why is he not home with the family that he loves and adores? Who is responsible for his disappearance? Did he get out of the vehicle and try to walk home to Tahlequah? If so, why did he never make it there? Why did his phone last ping in McAlester, Oklahoma, over a month after his disappearance? Why did his voicemail get full, then have room to leave messages again with each new day that Kasey’s family tried to reach him? Was someone using Kasey’s phone? Someone in McAlester, Oklahoma? Were they listening to his messages? We may never know, but I do believe we will get the answers one day as to where Kasey Russell is and has been for almost a year since his disappearance. When those answers come, the people keeping secrets now, and changing stories, will have a whole new set of questions to answer to. For their sake I hope they can remember the details they have given thus far.

I would like to urge anyone involved in the disappearance of Kasey Russell to come forward and give his family some answers. They just want to find their loved one and lay him to rest in a proper wa
y, if he is no longer alive. Can you give them that after all you have taken from them? Can you at least give them that?

If you know where Kasey is, tell us. Send us a message. Call law enforcement. Tell his family. I don’t care how you do it, just please let them know where to find this man who spent his life loving others and taking care of them, so they can take care of one last thing for him.

Kasey Russell

Age: 29

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 165 lbs

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

Anyone with information pertaining to the whereabouts of Kasey Russell is asked to call the Tahlequah Police Department at 918-456-8801.

There’s No Place Like Home: Oklahoma’s Missing

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  1. What’s the gf name and her bf sounds like they both had part in it if you ask me… A lot of that happens here in stilwell sallisaw and tahlequah ok maybe the person’s of interest have done this before here they will send in some chic or dude to romance the victim for a while use them for their own purposes usually drugs or simply to make someone jelouse then when they r done with them or the vicims don’t give them their way they disappear or get dumped on the side of the rd left to die …

    1. Also if your counting on law enforcement to get answers you are wasting your time they don’t even try to investigate if they did they would solve some cases down here in stilwell the evidence is and was right in front of their eyes they did not investigate Brian Bailey’s murder even after questioning and having evidence against Ashley Cain Blair and her perps they did nothing when looking up her record she’s under doc custody and gets away with all kinds of drug charges theft of checks identify theft the list goes on and on in multiple counties how is she not in prison she’s not the only one either that tells me law enforcement is involved in these unsolved around here not just local feds and osbi also lawyers judges also everyone knows who they are even osbi feds and local yet nothing gets done go figure that one…

      1. All the so called person’s of interest in these violent crimes here are all the same people and get away with murder literally and everthing else they don’t get punished for anything they do if you pull up their criminal record they should all b in prison according to the law…

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