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Veronica Casciato missing from Tennessee FOUND

Veronica Casciato


The Facebook page of Friends of Veronica Casciato posted:

“Last fall, some deer hunters found Veronica’s driver’s license and a bank card in the woods. Thankfully, they wanted to return them and googled her name after they were out of the woods. Realizing that she was missing, they took the cards to the police. These items were found beyond the area that had been previously searched, in a different cove. The TBI and the Campbell County Search & Rescue Team went back in early November and searched deeper into this area. That time, they found some of Veronica’s personal possessions that would have been in her bag, but not the bag itself or any shoes, clothes, glasses or her cell phone. It was both crushing and confusing. Her things being found so deep in the woods wasn’t a good sign. But why would some of her things be there, but not her? The teams went out again and searched even further, but still didn’t find Veronica. Since the investigation was still open, we were asked not to post that information online, only family and close friends were told. That was a year ago. One of the first things you are told at the beginning of an investigation is that there may be information that the detective cannot share with you. They obviously cannot jeopardize the case by revealing potential evidence. Also, they have to be sensitive to the missing person’s privacy and finally, there are numerous legal issues that have to be considered. So, for various reasons, when some human remains were also found in the search area, the family couldn’t be told immediately. The “remains” were two bones, so no – there is no autopsy or “cause of death” to be determined. Her death was most likely an accident. The elevation drop from the car to where her things were found is about 200ft, so there are steep ravines and dropoffs. The route she would have taken was not on the main trail, but rather a path leading off in the opposite direction.”

 credit card was at a store south of the campus. She left in her white Toyota Corolla with Tennessee tags 1D6-6R8.



Anyone with tips can call the Claiborne County Sheriff’s Office at 423-626-3385. People can also reach her family on a Facebook page they set up called “Friends of Veronica Casciato.”

They stated on their Facebook page:

The Claiborne County Sheriff’s Dept., in conjunction with the TBI, are continuing their investigation. They subpoenaed the Verizon phone records, are checking her iPad and laptop, and will have helicopters flying over potential rural roads she could have driven on. We are hoping for some solid information on the last location of her phone by tomorrow. We have had a few potential sitings, but none of them were her. Thanks to those folks for contacting us, regardless of the outcome. It may be a tip or sighting like one these that brings Veronica back to us.

Some students at LMU are going to organize a candle light vigil to raise awareness. We will post more information about that event as it becomes available.

As always, thanks to everyone for liking, following and sharing. Keep looking and praying.

Keep an eye out for her white Toyota Corolla with Tennessee plates 1D6-6R8 and a yellow LMU decal.

Veronica is 5’4″ tall and 120 pounds with short dark brown hair with gray.  She wears glasses and has a rainbow colored fairy tattoo on her upper right arm, as seen in the above photo.  She has vitiligo and she has white patches on her face and arms.

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