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Is American Bob Kotan stranded in the Philippines

Bob Kotan stranded in the Philippines hopes to reach his daughter in the U.S.

I received a photo of an older man that appeared to be homeless from a reader, JS Guia.  She told me that the man was in the Philippines and was living on the streets.  If you remember a while back I received a photo from Lorena in Italy concerned for a young girl that was homeless in the streets.  I also receive photos of homeless American’s in Mexico.

But, unlike previous photos I received, this was different as it came with a name, Bob Kotan.  A quick search showed me that Bob Kotan has been stranded in the Philippines in 2014.  He was 59 years old.  It seems that this story about Bob Kotan was shared on social media back in 2014 about his being stranded. Here it is three years later and it is the same situation. A story written by Nikkie Garcia in 2014, “The Bob Kotan Story:  American ‘Left’ By Filipino Wife,” read that Bob’s wife,  Zenny “Gina” Ollada allegedly left Bob and took their son, because Bob was addicted to drugs and was abusing her.  Nikki saw Bob at Kalaw Street near Roxas Blvd. and stated he had been wandering the streets and sleeping on the sidewalk for six weeks.  That was back in December 2014.  Another story by Viral for Real pretty much says the same thing and also said Bob was trying to reach his daughter, Priscilla Kotan.

JS Guia tells me that the photo below was taken of Bob in 2017.  She says, “This is Mr. Robert Kotan from Illinois, Chicago USA maybe you can help him to find his family.”  She also told me that she was sharing the photo from Samantha Redada who originally took the photo of Bob begging for food in front of a grocery store in April.  See photo below:

Doing more research I found a video of Bob where he states he loves and misses his wife.

If you look at the comments under the video you will note that many of the comments suggest that Bob is faking and is a scammer and he is there by choice, and is using the story in order to get charity.  There is also a message from the U.S. Embassy Manila with instructions on how Bob can get help.

No information whether Bob ever got that message or not.  As well, there is no information if his daughter whose phone number has been posted all over the internet, knows of the situation.  Evidently there was no resolution with Bob’s predicament back in 2014 and three years later he is still in the Philippines.  It would be great to finally get to the bottom of this situation and find out what is really going on with Bob.  If his daughter is out there maybe a reader knows her and can make sure she knows of her dad’s situation.  She could very well know exactly what is going on but because of personal matters has stayed out of it.

Here’s another video from July 2016.

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