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Jarred Sewell last seen hunting hogs in Dexter, Texas FOUND

Jarred Sewell last seen hunting hogs in Dexter, Texas

UPDATE 1/19/18 – Jarred Sewell’s body has been found, according to his mother who posted on Facebook. KXII reported, “Justice of the Peace Carroll Johnson told us Sewell’s remains were found by loggers in rural northeast Cooke County in October.”

“It is with a heavy heart full of sadness that I write this post…I got the call yesterday the call I had been dreading for a year and a half. They found Jarred, my son, my baby boy, Alyssa’s brother, my grandkids Daddy, and on and on. We don’t know any details yet. We want to thank you all you your prayers and support!!!”

Jarred Sewell from Gainesville, Texas was last seen in June 2016.  He was reported missing to the police on June 25.  He was seen  hunting on private and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers property before he went missing.

Jarred Sewell
Jarred Sewell

Candice Marie Perry was booked into the Cooke County Jail Monday on June 27 on a charge of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence in regards to Jarred’s missing case. She was in possession of his cell phone.  She tampered with it before turning it over to the police by resetting the phone which wiped out any past data on it.

Find Jarred Sewell

On Find Jarred Sewell’s Facebook page it was posted:

 “Jarred is a father of three that went missing in June of 2016. He was hunting hogs at night in Dexter, Texas. He got separated from the group & hasn’t been seen since. Cooke county sheriffs department was quick to look at Jarred’s current legal troubles & form their opinion he is on the run. They believe dogs picked up his scent & the scent trail led to the road. It appears they have invested their entire case based off the subjective science of dogs tracking. Jarred is not Jason Bourne. He doesn’t have the resources or the means to pull off a perfect get away nor was he facing charges worthy of abandoning his family. Jarred’s family believes something malicious has happened to him. They pray for answers. While others had planned to go on this hunting trip, it was a last minute spontaneous whim on his part.”

Phone Records and Social Media

“His phone records & social media show no evidence he made any contact with anyone to meet up or leave with that night. So if Jarred did make it to a road who picked him up?? There has been no contact from Jarred. No activity on his phone or social media. No activity with his finances. Something has happened to him. Your help is desperately needed!!  Contact or Sgt Eric Coberley at 940-668-3227 with any information. Thank you.”


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