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Body of missing Missouri man found encased in concrete

UPDATE 4/29/17 – The authorities have stated that DeBrodie had been missing months before he was reported missing.  The family stated that attempted to visit him, but was not allowed.

Original story:  A story from the Associated Press reports that a man who has been missing from Missouri since April has been found encased in concrete inside a container in a storage unit.

The police have stated that the body found has been confirmed to be Carl DeBrodie, 31, who went missing from a Fulton group home on April 17.

Debrodie, 21, walked away from the home and then went missing around 7:30 a.m. in the 200 block of Claiming Road reports KMOV News.    But, Debrodie is legally blind and suffers from apraxia and other mental disabilities.  Apraxia, depending on where you have it can affect your speech, and/or movement.  KMIZ news states he could not speak so that was likely the type of Apraxia he had.  His mother Carolyn Summers states he had the mental capacity of a 7-year-old.   You would think that his limited sight would keep him from walking too far as he would be traveling in an unfamiliar environment.

The authorities used canines and drones and search parties to search for him, but could not locate him and then today he is found deceased.  How in the world does he go from walking past the home’s employees out the door into the streets to his demise.

According to Finck Supported Living Services that took ownership of the home on Monday the 24th:

“When we arrived, Carl Lee DeBrodie was not present or transitioned to our care. We are cooperating with law enforcement and state officials to assist as appropriate. Our first responsibility, of course, is to care for the individuals who still reside at the residence.”

Is it possible that Carl had been missing for a longer length of time that what was reported?  It does not make any sense that someone would find Carl walking alone and then harm him and try to hide his body?  Also, the police have not let out how they found Carl’s body in that storage facility.  I am sure there is more to this story and we will update when we learn more.


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