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Aierona Alexis Smith has been missing from Flint, Michigan since August 1, 2016 FOUND

UPDATE 8/8/17 –  After being recognized by a security guard, Aireona has been located.  She was found when she walked into a public library in Toledo, Ohio and the security guard recognized her from a missing poster.  He called the police and they took her to the Michigan Dept. of Health and Human Services, according to Michigan Live.  She had not been held against her will and had left on her own. 

Circumstances surrounding Aireona Smith’s disappearance

Aireona Alexis Smith has been missing from Flint Michigan since August 1, 2016. Her and a friend told her Grandma that they were going to go play in the creek behind her house and catch tadpoles. She put her backpack on and walked out the door. They walked past the creek, through the field and kept going. Her friend stayed gone for about 3 hours, got scared and came home. Aireona did not. She had ran away for the 4th time.

In the past Aireona had stayed gone for 2-3 days before she was found or came home. This time would be different. This time not even the close bond she felt with her grandparents would bring her home. But why would she stay gone so long? She is 12-years-old but has been through more in her 12 years of life than most people have to go through in a lifetime.

Why would she runaway?

Her story is not mine to tell, but the fact that she is viewed as “just a runaway”, and therefor assumed that she does not need to be looked for by many people, is completely unacceptable to me.

A few years before her disappearance, her mother died with her in the next room. Then someone who she trusted more than anyone else in this world let her down in the most unimaginable way. She has had one heartache after the other.

Did she runaway? Yes! Does that mean that this little 12-year-old child is okay out there on her own? Absolutely not!

This little girl has been missing for almost 9 months. 9 months that no family or friends have heard from her. Think about that for a minute. If you have children, try to think if they would be able to survive on their own at 12-years-old, for 9 months straight, without ever once needing or trying to reach out to their family and friends. Does that sound right to you? It doesn’t to me.

What happened to Aireona Smith?

I have no idea where she is or what has happened to her in the almost 9 months since she has been missing. A few scenarios run through my mind.

Maybe someone is helping her. But if they are, what kind of a person shelters a 12-year-old girl and helps them stay away from home for 9 months? Does that sound like a safe place for her to you? Does a person that would help a young girl stay away from her family sound like a safe person for a young girl to be around?

Maybe she is living on the street somewhere, homeless, scrounging for food. Does that sound like a person that does not need help? Is the thought of a 12-year-old homeless child okay with you? It is not okay with me!

God forbid something worse has happened to her or someone has done something to her. Does she deserve for people not to search for the answers and get her justice? I don’t think so! She does deserve to have help! She is a child, an innocent 12-year-old girl!

There are so many things that could have happened to this child, but like many other kids that runaway, people just ignore the fact that she is out there somewhere and anything could have happened to her, or could be happening to her right now.

Why? Why does she not deserve to be looked for and to get help? Because she has had a hard life and made some bad decisions? She is 12-years-old! She is a kid! She depends on us all to be sharing her story, sharing her posters and looking for her wherever we may go. She needs each and every one of us. You never know when you may be the one that either sees her, or shares her story and gets it to the person that does.

Please share and help get this child home safe! She needs us! She needs you!



Age: 12/ Height: 5’3″/ Weight: 135 lbs/ Hair: Light Brown, Shoulder Length, Dyed Blonde/ Eyes: Hazel/ Piercings: Ears/ Last Seen Wearing: Thin, Black Batman Jacket; Black, Purple and White Phat Baby Shoes/ Accessories: Possible Prescription Glasses, Backpack/ Medical Conditions: Depression/ ADD                            


If seen please contact the Flint Township Police Department at 810-600-3250.

Aireona’s NamUs case number:34920

Aireona’s NCMEC number: 1275268

Missing page for Aireona: Help Find Aireona Smith

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