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Sabrina Hathaway missing from Massachusetts since 2014

Missing Person Massachusetts Sabrina Hathaway

UDATE 2020 -Crozier was paroled from MCI Shirley on April 29. He had been sentenced to six years to six years and a day back on May 25, 2018. He’d already served three years by the time he agreed to plead guilty to burning down his home at 11 Dixfield Road in Worcester. Sabrina Hatheway is still missing.

UPDATE 2017:  Two area men, alleged accomplices, pleaded guilty in March to setting the fire, they said on Mr. Crozier’s orders, in a scheme to collect insurance. Prosecutors say there was, in fact, no insurance on the house. Mr. Crozier maintains his innocence.  Crozier was held on arson and conspiracy charges for the fire.

ORIGINAL POST: Sabrina Hathaway, 23, from Massachusetts has been missing from  11 Dixfield Road in Worcester since December 20, 2014.  On Sunday her mother, Brenda Hathaway, 43, of Webster was found unconscious in her home, reports MassLive.  Later, at the hospital, she was pronounced and according to MassLive, Brenda Hatheway’s boyfriend, Joseph Kenadek, 51, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery and domestic assault and battery.

“The preliminary investigation showed that Ms. Hatheway and Mr. Kenadek were involved in a loud argument in their apartment that spilled out onto a second floor porch and eventually into the street,” the district attorney’s office said.  “At some point the argument turned physical.”

Sabrina was last known to be at her boyfriend, Kevin Crozier’s home before she went missing.  That same home burned down on New Year’s Day 2015 and Crozier was charged with arson in regards to that fire, reports the Worcester Telegram.  Two men, Scott Phelan and Lionel Bermudez, pleaded guilty to arson of a dwelling and conspiracy charges in the Dixfield Rd. house fire, and said that Crozier offered them money to help burn it down.

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If you have any information about Sabrina, please contact the Worcester Police Dept. at 508-799-8651
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