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Little girl’s photo captured in woods; police ask for help to identify

UPDATE:  5/3/17 Chic Wilson the owner of Willard Mountain ski resort in Greenwich, has come forward to let Police Chief George Bell know that the photo of the little girl is his granddaughter, reports News10.  Wilson told Chief Bell that about the time that the photo was taken, he was walking a path with his granddaughter, and he didn’t even know that the photo was being shared all over social media till someone taped the photo on his door.   Chief Bell seemed satisfied that the photo is Wilson’s granddaughter and the case has now been solved.

Original Story: The Cambridge Police are asking for help to identify a little girl whose photo was captured by a trail camera in the woods off of Route 74 in Cambridge, New York.

The misty looking photo shows a little girl playing in the woods by herself.  No adults can be seen near her, and the landowners have sent the photo to the police out of concern that the little girl might be playing there alone.  But, it has been several weeks and no one has come forward to state it was their child.  Now the town is talking whether it’s a photo of a little girl or a ghost.

There has been no other accounts of supernatural events in the woods, that I could find except for of an incident back in 2013.  This encounter was in White Creek that is partly in the town of Cambridge.  Little girl ghost in White Creek 

A search on National Center for Missing and Exploited Children shows no child missing from Cambridge or White Creek.

The landowners recently bought the property because they wanted to go hunting and put up the camera to keep people from out of the area, but they never accounted for the photo they found on the camera.

Chief George Bell told News10 that he has never heard of a ghost running around in the woods and confirms that the photo is real, and he would like to identify who the child is.  Bell said that there had to be an explanation behind it and he hoped that someone would come forward to clear the matter up.

With Cambridge being a  small town with a population just under 2000, you would think by now someone would have come forward to identify the girl.

If you know who the little girl is, please call the Cambridge Police Dept. at 518-677-3044.





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  1. I would do a search of the woods in that area…to me it looks as if it is a spirit of a young girl who could be buried in that area.. she may be sending a message and wants to be found Just a thought

    1. @Belinda – that’s a good question. I assumed she was, until I looked closer. Only a shirt is definite.

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