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Leah Harding has been missing from Michigan since 2015

Leah Irene Harding, 31, has been missing from South Range, Michigan since April 30, 2015.  She was thought to last be with her boyfriend, Camiel Vanhaecke in his black jeep and seen in the L’anse area. Although there was a search for her by authorities, nothing was ever found.

In July 2015, the Houghton County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Vanhaecke is a person of interest in Leah’s disappearance.

Vanhaecke is serving a jail term for home invasion. According to the Daily Mining Gazette, “VanHaecke is eligible to return to our community in March of 2018.” (He was released.)

Kirsten sent me an IM and stated:

“My name is Kirsten I come from a very small town in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan, I grew up with a small group of girls, there were four of us girls! As it all happens we grow up and loose touch, well one of our group of friends who’s name is Leah Harding went missing in April of 2015, which has now been 2 years, she was last seen with a man in Lanse, Michigan his name is Camiel Vanhaeke, and she was never seen again, her phone was found near the sturgeon river bank, with the data wiped off!! There has been searches with nothing found, although with little to no resources I don’t believe the search was big enough! Camiel has spent 14 years in prison for kidnapping and sexual assault and Leah was dating him one year prior to him being released! The state police I believe didn’t do any kind of search for any forensic evidence or even really do their job at all from what I’ve researched!!! And they believe she was a runaway but has never called home not used her bank account and because she was with a felon I believe her story went no where.This is a sad sad story, I’m going to do all I can to help find Leah and bring her home to her daughter and her family, if you could please share this story it would be great!”

Leah Harding
Help Find Leah Harding Facebook Page

Information on Harding’s whereabouts is urged to call the Houghton County Sheriff’s Office at (906) 482–0055. NAMUS

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  1. Please – is Vanhaecke found yet? He has a brother, right? Do not let them get away
    with their murderings!!!

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