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Missing Arizona teen is considered endangered by the police

UPDATE 5/12/17 –  Lefler’s body was located at Glassford Hill Mountain off of a maintenance road by personnel who were surveying the area Prescott Valley Police reported.  No cause of death was reported and no further information at this time.

UPDATE:  According to Facebook, the family has contacted Lisa who left the post below and it was determined that Lisa was mistaken about picking up Lianna and it was another teen she picked up.

Original story:  Lianna Lefler aka Lianna Gibson, 18, has been missing from Prescott Valley, Arizona since April 28, 2017.  She was seen that Saturday at the Walmart on Glassford Hill Road where she works.

Spokesman Jerry Ferguson told the Daily Courier that Lianna Lefler is “endangered.”

Lisa Hayes posted on Facebook:  I picked up Lianna one night and took her home because it was after dark and the wind chill was very cold that evening. I had said hello to her when I was leaving Walmart and then saw that she was walking home behind Kohl’s, stopped and introduced myself, assured her that I would take her home, and did so. I got to know a little bit about her on that trip. And then about 2 or 3 months later I saw her again, picked her up and took her down to the corner of Pav Way and Glassford Hill, but I could not take her all the way to work as I had to be back to work in less than 5 minutes. I will be praying for her safe return. And for all of you that still live in the area, please keep an eye out for her. She is a beautiful person inside and out. It makes me cry to think that someone may have done harm to her.

But, Lianna’s family states that this is not a true statement by Lisa, “Thanks for publicizing Lianna’s situation. I not sure who Lisa Hayes is, or why her comments on facebook were posted as part of your listing, but please note that the Walmart she was last seen at was her very 1st job, and that she had worked there less than a week before going missing. So mrs Hayes comments are very suspect at best, and unfirtunately seem to be someone who makes up things just for personal attention.”

She was last seen wearing a dark hoodie and a brown ski cap. Lianna is 5 feet tall and 90 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. Police said she wears eyeglasses, as well.

Leanna Lefler

If you have any information about Lefler’s whereabouts, contact Prescott Valley PD at 928-772-9267.

6 thoughts on “Missing Arizona teen is considered endangered by the police

  1. According to Lianna’s mother in response to Lisa Hayes Facebook post Lianna did not work at Walmart in the time frame she mentioned. Lianna worked at Walmart for less than 2 weeks. Her mother also said there were 3 drivers in the home that took her to and from work. Please reconsider posting information from social media without it being verifiable for accuracy. It only clouds the search efforts. If you would contact they can give you any information you may need and will definitely appreciate your efforts. Thank you for what you do.

  2. Has the police questioned Lisa Hayes? Why would she mention knowing Lianna? Seems a lil suspicious. She knew where she worked.

  3. Unfortunately I hope they soon release the cause of death as there really isn’t any closure.
    Not knowing still has it unresolved– in ‘midair.’
    Regardless- my prayers & wishes that it was swift & painless continue; that her spirit is at peace.

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