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Madeline Connelly last seen in Glacier National Park

UPDATE 5/10/17 – Madeline has been found.  She was lost and searchers were able to locate her after missing for six days.  She did an interview with KPAX and said, “I feel like an idiot,” in a hoarse voice.   Well, no one feels you are Madeline.  After hearing of so many people getting lost in the woods it is more common that you think and the fact she was found alive is nothing but good news.  She said she realized she was lost the first night and she was able to get water from a creek.  Her mother, Laura Connelly, beaming with happiness that was standing next to Madeline said she was so thankful to all the incredible people that found her.

Original story:  A search is on for a missing River Forest woman.  Madeline Connelly, 23, was last seen on Thursday, May 4 with her dog, Mogie, in Glacier National Park.  They had gone on a seven-mile hike in the Great Bear Wilderness area.  Her car was located near the trailhead in Montana.

“This is the wilderness that she went into, so it’s not fair for me to speculate at this point what may have happened to her,” Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry told CBS news. “There’s lots of different things on the menu, and of course our searchers are continuing to explore every possibility.”

Madeline a River Forest native lived in Arizona and was planning on moving to Alaska.  She stopped in Flathead County Montana to visit her uncle and set off to go for a hike on May 4th.  Searchers have combed the area and have seen Grizzly bear tracks, but nothing else to state the animal and Madeline ran into each other.

Connelly is 5’5″ tall, 120 pounds with brown hair. Mogie is a medium-size dog with white and tan fur.
Madeline Connelly

Anyone who may have seen her or has information about where she could be should call the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office at 406-758-5610.


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