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Woman killed 27 years ago finally identified as missing woman from Virginia

A young woman was hit and killed by cars trying to cross the Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach on April 1, 1990.  Because of the trauma to her body and her face being unrecognizable, reports the LA Times she became a Jane Doe.

She had no identification but did have a hotel room key.  She was wearing a black dress, pink sweater, fishnet stockings and pink heels and a ring on her left finger made of human hair.

Two men came forward and stated she was an acquaintance and she had hitchhiked to California to look for her biological parents, and she had come from New York or Virginia, reports the Daily Mail.   She also told them her name was Andrea

Authorities had a sketch done and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children helped circulate the sketch.  Her information, DNA and fingerprints were put into the database.

Over the years the authorities followed up on tips, but they lead to dead ends.  Kelly Keyes, Orange County’s supervising deputy coroner, said in a statement, that she was not forgotten and they would pull her file to try to think of something new.

Then in 2017, the NCMEC partnered with the FBI on a new fingerprint analysis project.  It’s purpose was to examine fingerprints of Jane and Jane Does and compare them to old fingerprints.  A May 4, they got a match.

The young woman who was killed all those years ago was Andrea Kuiper, 26, from Fairfax County Virginia who disappeared and left a family wondering whatever happened to her.

Andrea’s family has been contacted and they are thankful to finally know what happened to their child.

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