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Photo of blonde-haired child at India train station circulates social media

I was sent a message and a photo of a toddler laying on a blanket in India.  It has been circulating social media as many discuss whether the little girl belongs to that family.  The photo comes from Surendra from India, which was posted on May 7, 2017.  Looking further down on his post we can see that the photo was also posted on May 6, 2016.
On his Facebook page he posts:

Hello friends , I have found one Baby girl on Ganj Basoda station (M.P )and looks to be abducted or kidnapped from somwhere. Lady and man along with whom baby is there doesn’t seems to be her parents . Also child doesn’t speeks Hindi while her parents know only Hindi. We also contacted GRP, RPF, station authority but as expected no sincerity has been shown by them.  Please share and spread this message as much as you can . It would be great help if we can help this baby.

The little tow-haired girl is sleeping on her stomach and her shoulders seem pink as though she had gotten too much sun.  Next to her is a woman on her knees and next to the woman is a baby laying on his back.  The station is located in the city of Ganj Basoda, situated on the New Delhi–Chennai main line route passing through the Vidisha district.  There is no age of the little girl, but I would guess she is between 3-4 years old.  Also, Surendra mentions that she doesn’t speak Hindi, which could be an indicator that she is old enough to carry on a conversation.  But, he does not mention what language she was speaking.  Many have commented on his post that the little girl might be albino, in which he has responded, “If that’s possible, but not speak hindi, this is precisely the conspicuous exception.”  My guess is that Surendra considered that, but it was the fact that the little girl did not speak Hindi caused him to be concerned she was not with the right family.


Facebook, Surendra Raghuwanshi
In 2013, a photo of a blonde-haired child that was found in Greece was shared through social media.  Many believed she might have been abducted and could even have been Madeleine McCann.  After an investigation it was found that the little girl was indeed not with her family, but had been given to another family as the mother could not raise her.  The little girl, who was called Maria had blonde hair and light eyes, but it was found after the investigation and talking with the mother that the father’s side carried the albino gene and  Maria was an Albino, as were several of her siblings.  You can read more of the story by clicking here.

At this point, we do not know if this little girl in India could belong to the family or not.  Many on social media are already expressing their fear that the child was kidnapped.  I have reached out to Surendra and hope to hear back from him soon.

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