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Sandy Giles goes missing after running out of gas in California – Found

Missing Person California

UPDATE 11/22/17 –  The family of Sandy Giles has posted that the police are looking at her case as a possible homicide.

Everyone is asking if we plan to do a service/memorial for Momma and all I can do is give an honest response. I spoke with the Coroner’s office this morning and they have moved her remains to San Bernardino Coroner’s office to be looked at by an Anthropologist and are investigating the case as a homicide. They cannot determine a date when her remains will be released at this time. As soon as we know and are able to, we plan to hold a service/memorial and will let everyone know the dates and times.

UPDATE 11/17/17 – The disappearance of Sandy Giles has been one of those stories that has mystified everyone.  Where she could have disappeared to was a question everyone wanted to know.  Late on Friday, the Sandy Giles Facebook page posted a message that they believe that Sandy had been found.  Biologists researching turtles found a body near the post office in Earp on Hwy62.  An area only 10 feet off the roadway where Sandy’s car was found.  Although, the families waiting for a positive confirmation of identity, law enforcement believe it is her. 

“This is Kendall. Today I received a phone call from the Coroner’s office. He let us know that yesterday while biologists were in the desert researching turtles they discovered a body. It was located 800 ft up Hwy 62 ( towards the post office in Earp) from where momma’s car was found, only about 10 feet off the roadway. The detectives and officers investigated the scene and collected the remains. They are almost positive it is my Mom. They said the body was decomposed into only a skeleton but the signs that it is Momma include bleach blonde hair that was still there, dentures, her cigarette case, and keys. They are sending the remains to San Bernardino to be positively identified by her dental records and DNA. He said that from what he examined there is no way to know the cause of death. They are saying that it seems no one realized her body was only 10 feet off of the road is because a couple of days after her car was found they scraped the sides of the road and may have accidentally pushed dirt over her body. It is so hard knowing we walked so close to her and drove past her body hundreds of times both times we went to California. There were hundreds of people that loved momma very much and have been praying and everyone deserves to hear from us, not anyone else. This is the hardest day of our lives and we are at a loss for words. The closure doesn’t make it hurt any less and we are so heartbroken but we know our beautiful mother is in Jesus’ arms now. We are so appreciative for all the prayers and ask you please continue praying for our family. We will keep everyone as updated as we can.”

UPDATE 8/3/17 – This is on Help Find Sandy Giles Facebook page:

The detective on Sandy’s case from the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department is Tim Preston he can be reached at 760-326-9200 He would like to hear from anyone who saw Sandy or her car. We know that on May 13th around 5:00p.m Sandy’s car was on the frwy near Essex out of gas on the center divider. The Highway Patrol approached the car and saw that it was abandoned. He then called in for it to be towed. The tow truck arrived and was just about ready to take the car to impound. On the opposite side of the freeway a motor home pulled up and Sandy jumped out with a can of gasoline. She ran across 4 lanes on the freeway yelling to please not tow her car. The tow truck driver released her car after paying him $50 dollars to do so. The Highway Patrolmen stayed with Sandy and helped her get her inhaler out of her trunk. She had told him that she was on her way home to Alabama to see her kids, she also told him that her long trip with her friends to Marysville, was too long and they got on each other’s nerves. She seemed to be out of breath from the ordeal of running out of gas. He asked her if she felt like she needed to go to the hospital. She had told him no. she had told him she walked towards the gas station and got a ride from some folks to the gas station, then asked some people getting gas for their motor-home if they could give her a ride back. Those people drove the opposite direction after dropping her off. The Highway Patrolman stayed with her until she made the turn off towards Parker. It is our belief that by the time Sandy made it to Earp it was dark and she was disoriented and that is perhaps how her car ended up where it did. When her car was reported abandoned the same Highway Patrolman immediately knew who it belonged to. He was really concerned and immediately searched all the hospitals. Along with him, other officers immediately started looking for her. Sandy’s mother has been in contact with Detective Preston, and Private Investigator Scott Herring. All are doing their best to find Sandy. Sadly, there is not much to go on without any leads. We feel someone out there is withholding the truth as to what happened to Sandy. We have people messaging the page who seem to be upset there are no flyers posted of Sandy anymore. We are not in town to post, we are solely counting on volunteers to do so for us. If you would like a pdf to print, please send us a private message and we will get you one. If we have not updated it does not mean the case is not being worked on. Law Enforcement, Cal Advocates for the Missing and the private investigator are working around the clock with Sandy’s mom.
Please keep this page positive !

Once again thank you for your continued support
Team Sandy !

UPDATE 5/26/17 – Sandy’s family have stated on a post on Facebook that they were able to go to the area where Sandy was last seen.  

“We went to where her car was found as soon as we got here and we searched the area until we couldn’t take the heat any longer. We found her flip flop about 20 yards from the car close to a bush she may have been sitting under for shade and a few barefoot prints are the only evidence of her being there.”

 You can’t help but wonder why Sandy would have walked away with only one flip flop on.  With the sand, and heat from the asphalt it would have been uncomfortable if not unbearable to walk with out something on her foot to protect it.  Although Sandy’s car was towed from the area on Friday, a search dog should have been brought there to see if they could have picked up her scent.  It could have led to what direction she was going and even if she might have been picked up by someone.  The authorities told the family that Sandy’s car was locked when they towed it and it had not been opened. The family got the tow truck company to unlock the car.  Inside they found all of Sandy’s belongings.  The only thing missing was the car key.  

“Her purse, all bags and suitcases, shoes, makeup bag, license, registration, birth certificate, cell phone, Bible, journal, inhalers, and any other little thing was still in the car.”

The family charged up Sandy’s phone to look for clues and found nothing.

“No clue on txt, recent calls, facebook, snapchat, instagram or any other app on her phone.”

Although the family went looking for answers to what happened to Sandy, they left with making no progress.  The question of why she would leave her flip-flop behind and begin walking makes no sense, and seems unexplainable no matter how you theorize.

Original story: Sandy Giles from Mapleview, Ala. has been missing since May 13, 2017.  She was last seen near the California-Arizona line.  

According to her son, Troy Giles:  If anyone has talked to my mother Sandy Giles in the past week please message me as soon as possible. The last time I have personally talked to her was May 9 and she was in California and was expected to be home Sunday night. I txt her on Mother’s Day and she never txt back. All of our family has txt, called, messaged her on facebook, but her phone is going straight to voicemail, she hasn’t been on facebook, and the last known location on her phone is Parker, Arizona as of May 12. We have called jails, hospitals, and dispatch but no one has seen her and I don’t know of anything else to do. It is not uncommon for her to travel alot but it is not like her to not call anyone for almost a week. We had a sheriff’s deputy come out tonight and file a missing person’s report and they have sent out a nation wide alert on her and her car. She is driving a 2013 Silver Dodge Avenger. I do not have the license # but will update when I can get it. Please pray for her safety and for her to contact us soon! UPDATE* AS OF MAY 19, SAN BERNARDINO SHERIFFS OFFICE CALLED US AND HER CAR HAS BEEN FOUND BUT THERE IS NO SIGN OF HER. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRAY!

Since this above post, Sandy’s car was located.  According to Troy she was seen at the HI Sahara gas station in Essex, California. Her car was found and had been there since May 15.  Troy stated that Sandy had run out of gas, and a trooper brought her some gas to put in her car, but later she ran out of gas again.

Troy posted to MPofA, “She was trying to make it to a store or to a Walmart to where I could send her money but she didn’t make it and nobody has had contact with her since last Saturday.”

She pulled to the side of the road near Parker, AZ near the highway 62 and got stuck on a sand wash and left the car (photo).  The car was found with a warning tag dated May 16.

Facebook: Sandy’s car
“The San Bernardino sheriff’s department spoke with the cashier at a gas station a mile up the road from where her car was found and the cashier said they had seen her but couldn’t remember which day. The last we know is she left that gas station walking a few days ago and the cashier said they didn’t know which way she went walking. They now have helicopters searching the Earp, California/ Parker, Arizona area. If anyone is in that area please share our posts and her picture! I know the days are too hot and the nights are too cold for someone to be walking. There are several wind/ sand storms and she has COPD so she may be having trouble breathing.”
Facebook: Troy on the left and his mom, Sandy
If you have any information about Sandy, please call the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Dept. as they are the lead investigating agency.


13 thoughts on “Sandy Giles goes missing after running out of gas in California – Found

  1. Where is Linda Langley, who she left Arkansas with?? Sandy’s fb page shows a photo of them on their way to Bakersfield, Ca. to see Linda’s brother in the hospital. Sandy, also made fb posts while in Tx and New Mexico. This is the only thing on the internet I can find about her being missing. I hope she is found safe and soon.

      1. Cal Advocates for the Missing was contacted , we have flyers out there along with making a missing page for the family , she was on her way back home from visiting family in Northern California the other person’s who were traveling with her stayed in Northern California , there is only one missing person she wa

  2. I typically look at a persons Facebook for clues when reported missing if they have one also, and I noticed that the last posts tagged location was Marysville, CA on the 11th? Has that already been looked into?

  3. A friend of mine sent me this message, from Boise, ID: “There was a young, blond mom with her two kids at our church on Friday, looking for financial assistance, headed to California, running from an emergency situation with an abusive husband. One of the boys was sick. Sorta looked like this woman, enough. The police might contact either Duane Anders or Joe Prin, at the Cathedral of the Rockies, in Boise, Idaho, because they talked to her.” Don’t know if it could be related. But can’t hurt to put it out there.

  4. How in the world did she let herself run out of gas TWICE on a trip alone? This is sad and scary.

  5. I talked to her May 13th at 8:05 cat for 27 minutes and was asked to call her back. I called her back at 10:15 car. At this point she needed to stop and get gas. She wasn’t feeling very good because of her COPD and was pretty upset about events that had happened earlier. All she wanted to do was get home.

  6. I am praying that Sandy is found safe and unharmed! Father God, please place a hedge of protection around Sandy and her family. Please help her find her way back to her family safely and unharmed. Father, I also ask that You give her family peace and understanding during this difficult time. Father, I know that You know what is best and You will never or forsake us. For it’s in Your precious and Holy Name I Pray! Amen.

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