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Billy Harper: Ohio man still missing after a year; car found by hunter in the woods

UPDATE 12/4/17 –  Linda’s sent me a message that stated they believe Billy’s remains have been found.  “DNA has not came back yet, but things that were found at the scene points toward him. Thank you for allowing me to post about Billy. The Lawrence County Sherriff dept posted a news release on their page if you would like to keep up until DNA comes back. Again thank you so much!”

Original story:

Bill “Billy” Ray Harper, 42, went missing from Kitts Hill, Ohio on April 20, 2016.  He was last seen at an AT&T store in Ironton.  His dark blue and gray Toyota Rav 4 was found four days later by a hunter near Wayne National Forest Trail.  His family and friends have reached out to MPofA to get Billy’s story back out there and shared.  Linda McCann, Billy’s friend stated:
“He’s been gone over a year now! He was last seen at the AT&T store in Ironton, OH. They said he was alone. His family never reported him missing. The mother of his 7 yr old son reported to the Lawrence Co. Sherriff Dept. They took the report and at that time did nothing. His vehicle was found by a hunter a few days later. At that time there was a search for him by law enforcement and his friends. They searched for a few hours on that day and that was it for the Sherriff dept. his friends have continued to look for him on and off for the past year. His vehicle was found not more than a mile or two as the crow flies from his house. There were news reports on WSAZ and in the Ironton tribune. Police interviewed a few of his friends about his disappearance to no avail. The mother of his son is Debbie Stoots, and she has always been the one to try and find him. She is now battling breast cancer and has recently had a double mastectomy. A lot has happened since he’s been gone, his sister died mysteriously about 2 wks after his disappearance, her husband has fought to gain control of his family’s farm, although he never participated in searching for him nor did his sister. Billy’s father died a few yrs ago and his mother is in a nursing home. We just want to know what happened to him! Not one clue of his whereabouts. I will be glad to answer any questions you have. We just need closure for his son and his family, (what’s left of them) and his friends.”
Billy is 5’10”, 155lbs, with hazel eyes and long dark brown hair that is braided in the back. He also wears glasses, a beard and mustache.  He also has several tattoos including one with his father’s face on his forearm.

Click video to see a video of Billy

Missing Bill “Billy” Harper Facebook page.

Contact the Ironton Sheriff at 740-532-3525 with any information on Billy’s disappearance.








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