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California siblings abducted by non custodial parent FOUND

After missing for a little over two years, Malachi Harris and Sariah Harris have been found safe.  This was posted on their father, Bobby Harris’ Facebook page:

“Fam! Praise God for this praise report. He always answers prayers! Our son-in-law, Bobby Harris‘ children have been safely found. Pray for this time of renewing of their minds, emotional stability and wholeness. Healing in every aspect of their well-being. This is a time of transition for my family. Please, I ask you to add to your prayer time/lists my daughter, Crystal Harris, our two Gsons (newborn on the way) and our bonus Gchildren in this season of reunification and restoration. We celebrate all their lives as our God IS in this season.”

Bobby who has been searching for them is elated over their discovery.  “After more than 2 LONG YEARS, we are EXCITED to announce the capturing of fugitive Angelina Harris! We are in the process of bringing Malachi and Sariah safely back to California. Undoubtedly this length of time in hiding and on the run with a mentally unstable fugitive has had an impact on Malachi and Sariah. We ask for your continued thoughts and prayers as we enter the road to reconciliation and healing!”

Original Post:  Malachi Harris, 9 and Sariah Harris, 7, are missing from Riverside, California. The siblings were last seen with their mother, Angelina on March 11, 2017.  Angelina Raylene Villa Harris, 34, was ordered by a judge to give custody of the children to their father but she has gone missing with the children.  There has been an arrest warrant issued for Angelina on April 7.  Angelina’s last known address was Austin, Texas.  Angelina may be driving a BMW 525i Lic plate 5UCD311 possible blue or black. Please keep an eye out for the children or her and if you see them contact your local police dept. or call the Riverside Police Dept. at 951-955-5672.

Bobby Harris the siblings father posted this on Facebook:

“It is with GREAT HESITATION that I write this post, but after two months of my family, close friends and I privately working with Law Enforcement, I felt it time to use the power of social media to help us. I am the Father of Malachi Harris and Sariah Harris and have sole legal and physical custody of both of my children. On March 17, 2017 my ex Angelina Raylene Harris (Villa) was court ordered to return my children to my custody and decided to flee with them instead. As of April 7, 2017 a $100,000 Federal Felony Warrant was issued for her arrest for kidnapping. Angelina was last seen in court 3/17/17 and my children were last seen 3/11/17.

Any information that you may have regarding their whereabouts, please Call 911, 1-800-843-5678, or Riverside District Attorney’s Office (Child Abduction Unit) at 1-951-955-5672.

We ask that you share this post and help spread the word. We thank you in advance for your thoughts, prayers, and any information that you may have. As you can imagine, this has been a daily nightmare for my family and I and ask that you respectfully refrain from phone calls, text, or emails unless it is regarding information leading to the return of my children.

Again, we welcome any information that you may have and thank you in advance for helping to get this message out.”

Please Help Bring Home Missing Children Sariah and Malachi Harris

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