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Donna Kay Cloud vanishes after blind date; becomes one of the Missing Texas Forty

Missing Person Texas Donna Kay Cloud

I heard that Donna Kay Cloud had gone missing last year, but did not add her name to the Missing Texas Forty list in case she would be found soon.  Now after her missing 6 months, she will be added to the list as number 52.

April 2018 – Missing Persons of America met with the family of Donna Kay Cloud and did an interview for the next episode of Missing Texas Forty.

Donna Cloud Part 2 is below  Other video’s about the Missing Texas Forty can be seen by clicking here.

Donna Kay Cloud, 19, is missing from Splendora, Texas. She told her family on Oct. 25, 2016, she was going to meet a man she met on Facebook. Please note that Harley Michelle, who states she is Donna’s older sister said that it was a dating website not Facebook.  She left her son, Ryan, 4, with his dad.

According to the family, Donna and the unknown man were to meet at the Texas Roadhouse.   Newsfix has stated that the police thought she may have gone to the Texas Roadhouse to meet someone, but there is no positive confirmation that is where she went.  Donna’s cell phone could not be traced, and she had no credit cards, reports ABC13.  Darrell Beaty, Donna’s dad told CHRON news that the surveillance video does not show Donna at the restaurant.

Darrell told Eyewitness News that Donna texted him the next day (the 26th).  Eyewitness News stated they saw the text and it read:  “I will see you in the morning the date went great he’s super nice I will call if I need anything.”

“She said she would be over on the 27th between 11 and 11:30 for us to meet this guy,” Donna Brock, Donna’s grandmother told ABC 13.  It is unknown when Donna received that message.

Right now I am trying to get the dates correct.  Donna went to meet the guy on the 25th, texts the next day (26th) to say the date went well and then tells her grandmother she will see them on the 27th.  Donna has not been heard from since the 26th and was last physically seen on the 25th by her family.

On Donna’s website it was posted, “There is ample digital evidence showing the routes taken from online location history up until just after 1AM on 10/27. It appears Donna went south into New Caney Texas and then returned back down hwy 59 to Cleveland going out 105 making several stops on her way to Spring. After many other numerous stops, eventually she went into the Westchase area of Harris County.”  Darrell posted that using Donna’s google account they were able to trace her:  Darrell Beaty Yes and we traced it also. Westchase area around 290 in Houston she fell off the grid.

At one point Darrell was told on social media that Donna had been found and she was with a man from Cleveland driving a red, four-door car.  He posted a message that was captured and shared around social media, expressing his frustration with his daughter for going missing.  “She put everyone who loves her through hell without any regulars to how we felt and the information we had led us to think something bad had happened to her,” posted Darrell.  But, it turned out that whether it was a mistake or on purpose the sighting could not be verified and Donna was still missing.  It was the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office that told Darrell the information was not substantiated.

It was Darrell’s post and a few other things that seemed to turn a lot of people on social media against Darrell.  He set up a GoFundMe Account to raise money to find Donna, but social media said he would use the money for his own personal use, i.e., to fix his car.  Then Shane Stewart a private investigator out of Houston hasn’t helped Darrell reputation, as he told the CHRON that the family had inconsistent stories, “…and his concern that her disappearance is being used for financial gain.”  He also stated that there was a “heated argument” via text message between Darrell and Donna that probably was the cause of her disappearance.  Stewart believes Donna is alive. (I contacted Stewart and he told me his side of the story.  It is on the interview video below.)

This video above talks about the incident between Darrell and a private investigator Shane Stewart.  In the video is Darrell’s side of what happened and also Shane’s side.  Also, Darrell speaks with Angel Garcia of First Priority Search and Recovery.  

Darrell fought back by putting a message on the Montgomery County Police Reporter.  You can click on the link to read the full message, but in part it stated:

“Additionally, I was cruelly slandered, and criticized by cyber bullie’s on social media for these cry’s for help. It is no secret, that my vehicle was in need of repairs at the time Donna went missing. I also being the sole provider for my family had to take many days off of work to search for her as well as track her last known movements. Therefore a Gofundme account was put in place asking for help. Rumors and slander became so numerous that Gofundme was contacted and as a result there was a hold placed on all funds while a fraud investigation was conducted. I have since been cleared of any wrong doing, and all funds have since been released back into the account. However, due to the accusations and cruel rumors, I decided not to used one dime of the $390.00 that was raised.. I never desired to profit from Donna’s disappearance , and I would give all my worldly possession’s just to have her home safe. I only want to find my daughter and am desperate for help.”

Although finger-pointing is a common thing on social media, it may be surprising to you to learn that it is common among the family’s of missing people.  Patrick McStay the father of Joseph McStay and his wife and two children that were brutally murdered, endured years of finger-pointing and Katlynn Yost because of her photo, are only two examples.

I talked with Darrell and he told me that during the time that Darrell was looking for Donna full-time, he found out that the police have not followed up on any leads and it took them three months to speak to Donna’s abusive ex boyfriend.

“She left with someone. Took no ID, no money, no credit cards, no clothes only what she wore,” said Darrell.  “Originally we thought she had her wallet but I found it in the back seat of my car a few weeks after she disappeared.”

Darrell spent all the time he could to search for Donna, but he had to go back to work to support the family.  During his search for her he compiled four binders of leads and info on suspects.  He offered it to the police but they would not take what he found seriously and would not follow-up on it, according to Darrell.  What worries Darrell the most is there were persons that threatened her the day she went missing and even days prior to that, but those people have never been questioned.

Later in the investigation, the two men that were know to last be with Donna were questioned.  They said they dropped Donna off at the beginning of the driveway of her dad’s house and drove off.  If so, then where is she?

Did Donna run off with the man she met that night?  Highly unlikely.  According to Darrell, Donna was a mother of a three-year-old son and she would never abandon him.  And I think that’s the kicker.  Everyone argues, but no one would just walk away from their son after having an argument with their father, mother or anyone.  They would come home.  Probably stay mad at the other person for a while, but they would come home.  Argument or not, it is not enough of a justification for someone to not come home to their son.

Since Donna was not driving her own car, we have nothing other than her last ping to zero down where she might be.  Before that her phone pings all over that night from Splendora  to Conroe and surrounding areas.   Other than tracking her to the Westchase area, there is nothing more to go on.  It is even possible her phone went dead and did not record her at locations she may have gone after the Westchase area.

Sadly many have lost sight of the fact that Donna is missing and need to bring their attention back to that fact and not worry about what Darrell is doing, something I am sure he would agree about.  All the effort should be put towards helping find Donna, and this is what this article proposes to do, clear the air, set down the facts, and start fresh and reenergize everyone to share Donna’s missing information.

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Anyone with information is asked to call the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 936-760-5800.  Any little thing might be something so don’t hesitate to call.

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