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15-year-old Jessica Jones missing from Arizona FOUND

Missing Person Arizona Jessica Jones

UPDATE 1/1/18 – I was preparing to share Jessica’s missing story this month.  Then I was contacted by her mom that stated she has been located.  What great news!

Jessica Jones, 15, from Phoenix, AZ was last seen on January 31, 2017 trying to get a ride back to Tucson.

The family posted:

“Jessica was behind in classes and her grades were starting to fall. She started telling her mother she wished someone would kidnap her and put her into sex trafficking. Her mother was very worried and concerned for her daughter’s safety as she was watching Jessica act out. Jessica’s mom found a good assistant living program in Phoenix called “Florence Crittenden of Arizona” that was going to help Jessica get her grades caught back up, they had therapy on sight to help Jessica get thru her emotional battles. Her mother thought this would be great for Jessica. So they made the trip from Tucson to Phoenix. Everything seemed to be going well. Then Jessica’s mother got the phone call that no parents want. The facility called to say Jessica and another girl got up in class, went to the door and said to their teacher, ‘See if you can catch us.’ They took off across the field. And jumped a rail train. The next day on January 31, 2017, Jessica called home from a shop located on 7th and Roosevelt in Phoenix.  That was the last contact Jessica made.  Two days later her friend she ran away with turned herself in. She claims her and Jessica met two guys. That she wanted to go home and Jessica wanted to stay on the streets with her two new male friends. Her mother is heartbroken she’s so worried about Jessica and blames herself for putting her in assistant living she thought she was helping her. Jessica has no family in Phoenix. Her mother is worried she may never see her daughter again. We are begging you to share this and be her eyes. If you have seen Jessica or have any info on her whereabouts you are Urged to Call the Phoenix police dept at 602-262-7626.”

If you have seen her please contact the Phoenix Police Department 602-262-6151 or the tip line @ We Can Bring you Hope.

$10,000 reward leading to Benjamin Mosser

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