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Two Tennessee women state they are not missing on video

On June 17, 2017 One of two women that were reported missing has been located.  Heather Duncan, 23, was located in California per the sheriff’s office.

See Video Below

Heather Duncan, 23, Anna Leigh Settle, 23,  were reported missing to the Knoxville Police Department in May and believed to be together and with Bryan Henderson, who is identified as Settle’s boyfriend.  Anna and Heather were possibly last seen on May 24 at a KOA Campground in Strasburg, Colorado.

On June 16, 2107, just before Heather was found, a YouTube video featuring the missing women was posted on Facebook.  In the video, Heather and Anna stated they were not missing.  Social media was stating that Bryan had taken the women by force.  In the video, Bryan chimed in and said there was no human sex trafficking and called the allegations laughable.

“To all of our friends and loved ones, everyone in Knoxville and to whoever is watching, we are safe. We’re not missing. We are not kidnapped. He is not a crazy master manipulator,” said Heather  in the video.

Although not clear in the video, from research, I found that the one or all three were facing charges for marijuana possession and that is why they went missing.  Sadly, as stated in the video, they believe that the missing persons report was filed because the Knoxville Police Dept. brainwashed their parents to do so, to help the police to track them down and arrest them.  They asked for the “manhunt to be dropped.”

Bryan states no one is in danger.  He also stated that the “KPD” did an illegal search and seizure and “it was ‘cowardess.'”

WATE 6 On Your Side spoke to Duncan and Settle’s parents who said they were relieved their daughters are alive but are still concerned.

“A part of me feels relieved that at least as of that video, that Heather’s alive, but another part of me feels devastated because I just don’t feel I was looking at my daughter on that video and I also feel that her life is in more danger than ever before,” said Duncan’s mom.

At the end of the video, Heather and Anna pleaded for funding so they could get a lawyer.

They also created another video called “Fight the Injustice” asking for funding to fight the charges.  You can also find more videos where they are “fighting for everyone that is suffering with injustices from marijuana possession arrests.”

Heather has been located in California and Anna’s whereabouts is unknown.  If you have any information, please contact the Knoxville Police Department at (865) 215-7212.

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